Saturday, January 14, 2012

Japan's Government-Industrial Complex to Create Small "Japan" in Southern India

The news was there on Yomiuri Shinbun on January 5, 2012, but little noticed until someone picked it up and spread on Twitter overnight.

The Japanese government in close collaboration with the big businesses in Japan is to build a city in southern India that will house 50,000 people, with "Japanese-quality" infrastructure including seaside resort, industrial park, hospital, shopping mall, and golf course (of course).

Many on Twitter are speculating that this is part of the plan by the Japan's political and business elites to abandon ship (Japan), and part of the reason for the Noda administration's insistence on the tax hike despite the incipient recession.

While there is a great need for money within Japan to actually rebuild tsunami-devastated areas (not the bogus "decon" projects), the Noda administration has been busy distributing money in Asia. The Bank of Japan has opened multi-billion dollar currency swap lines with India ($15 billion) and South Korea ($70 billion).

From Yomiuri Shinbun (1/5/2012):


The Japanese government, as part of the "infrastructure" export in close cooperation with the private industry, will develop a large-scale township in the suburb of Chennai in southern India.


The plan is to "export" the entire town with an industrial park for mid/small size businesses, shopping centers that are tailored to Japanese taste and hospitals. The town is to accommodate 50,000 people.


This will be first case of urban development as part of the infrastructure export, which is the new growth strategy of the Japanese government.


Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Edano will visit Chennai on January 10, and ask for the support from the Chennai government.


Mizuho Corporate Bank and JGC Corporation will invest 4 billion yen [US$52 million] in the development corporation in Chennai. The industrial park will be 2.3 square kilometer, and the sale will start this summer. The plants that will be housed in the park will start operation in 2013.


The accompanying residential area will be 2 square kilometers. The "resort city" with the expensive condominiums facing the Indian Ocean will be developed starting 2013. Japanese shopping center, golf course, and hospitals with permanently-stationed Japanese doctors will also be built. The plan is to create a high-quality city where Japanese expatriates can live with their families.

The Yomiuri Shinbun makes it sound like it is yet to start. But the talk has been ongoing at least since last summer. Here's the announcement on August 6, 2011 of an Indian tour for people interested in building a community in India where Japanese people live and work in certain large enough numbers.

But the description of this "Japan town" in India - industrial park, resort city with pricey condominiums by the sea, golf course - sounds very familiar to me. Hmmm this is like Singapore.

Well, it turns out that the developer for the whole project is a Singaporean real estate developer Ascendas with large portfolios in China, India, Malaysia, Vietman, the Philippines, Thailand, and Indonesia. The countries that this company have businesses with happen to coincide with the countries that the Japanese ministers have frequented since last year.

The Times of India reports on January 11, 2012 the Tamil Nadu government has signed a memorandum of understanding with a Japanese investor group and Ascendas to build a "Japan Town" in Chennai, India:

1,500-acre Japanese township to come up soon on OMR

CHENNAI: Tamil Nadu government has signed a memorandum of understanding with a Japanese consortium and real estate developer Ascendas to build a 1,500-acre integrated township with residential and industrial facilities for Japanese investors. It will come up 50km south of Chennai along Old Mahabalipuram Road.

Chief minister J Jayalalithaa signed the MoU on Tuesday with the Ascendas Development Trust ( AIDT), which has built an IT park in Taramani, and a consortium comprising corporate finance provider Mizuho Corporate Bank and JGC Corporation, a programme management contractor and investment partner.

Ascendas Group president Chong Siak Ching said, "We are happy to have the support of the government of Tamil Nadu and to work with Japan's leading companies Mizuho and JGC." The government has promised collaboration with local government agencies for the project's implementation. The township is expected to have lifestyle amenities for up to 40,000 people," Ascendas officials said. "The infrastructure will be eco-friendly."

I don't know what "eco-friendly" means but I assume it is about low carbon emission. After all, having spewed radioactive materials all over the northern hemisphere the Japanese government and many Japanese are worried about CO2 and anthropogenic "global warming".

I'm not sure how Indians would feel about 50,000 Japanese living in a totally separate community with high-rise condos and golf course, speaking only Japanese.

As to engaging a Singaporean real estate developer, there is a persistent rumor that ex-Chief Cabinet Minister and current Minister of Economy Yukio Edano evacuated his family to Singapore soon after the accident.

Dr. Haruki Madarame of Japan's Nuclear Safety Commission really spoke the truth when he said "It's all about money". It is all about money, whether "it" is a nuclear power plant, a nuclear waste facility, or a Japanese-only city in southern India.


Cherie said...

they think its an ark but its going to be a petting zoo.

Anonymous said...

Japan east India company anyone?

Anonymous said...

If this happens it will be the worse mistake India will have made since the 1947 decision to partition India; and the worse mistake Japan will have made since attacking Pearl Harbor in 1941!
I appeal to India as a whole and especially the Tamil Nadu people.... STOP this INSANITY NOW!!!

Anonymous said...

I think this is a great idea, India will see what it's like to have a whole section of their country changed into a foreign land, just like indians and other races have done to Europe.

mr ridiculous said...

how could it hurt India.seems to me that they could benefit from Japanese ingenuity and enterprise,
now if only we could give them Detroit..

Anonymous said...

Of course the ratio of women to men will have to be ten to one to help repopulate the Japanese race. The women will also be selected for extreme beauty because of the prodigious efforts required of the selected Japanese men. The men will be selected by their leadership abilities and value to their country.


Michaël said...

Does not surprise me at all.. last year they also talked about this really old project to move the capital away from Tôkyô in Ôsaka, and that, all of a sudden. and beside they are talking about a "buisness city" in India... i am sharing the speculation of some japanese people... Governement and industrials know well how deep is the gap in the japanese economy, and more and more people in foreign countries avoid japanese produces. More and more japanese produces are controlled and we are still finding some highly radioactive. Creating and labelling produces as japan's origin produces would be a loss for them, so better to take industrials and competent people out far away from a dangerous area (of course for the economy to their sense!), then strenghten the economy... What is simply surprising is that they have enough money for creating expensive project like this, but do not have enough money for evacuate people out of contaminated areas... HOW WEIRD ! they knew since the beginning evacuation zone would have to be realisticly 300km area, they didn't do simply because too money to waste for "useless" population... it's simply insane.

Anonymous said...

There was a group that brought children from the Chernobyl disaster to Japan for a break. Maybe in the future, children from Fukushima will be invited for a break by the new residents of Chennai ?

Anonymous said...

Ethnic Cleansing..seen before..Plus India has need of females to counteract their high % of males. So for the new city, older persons, men --do not apply. Pretty girls -they can be used to make the Indian population happy with an influx of Japanese permanent residents. Expansion without a war.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the radioactive Japanese chickens are coming home to roost...who says that the war crimes and atrocities that the Japanese war machine committed during WW2 would not at least partially find justice?

Anonymous said...

So instead of really trying to fix the problem theyre going to tuck tail and run away like the lil !!#@$%'s that they are,,,,theyre fully prepared to let the rest of japan rot in the toxic brew that theyve created,, now this is how its done with government, take a good look now world.

Anonymous said...

I suppose this means that any Indians that may oppose this are just ignorant xenophobic racists

Anonymous said...

The time has come to send all these liars and professional crimials to Hell.

India is closer to Hell, but not close enough.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the follow-up plan from the ovie "Dr. Strangelove", about a post-nuclear war, for a safe community of the 'select' from government and industry.

whatbox? said...

Hi Everyone, this story has legs. I'm writing in from Bangalore and was the CEO of a Japanese Company's subsidiary here.

All the majors are here and all the top brass is Japanese. I'm afraid there is a very xenophobic attitude both ways. Talk about culture clash. That is why they need a township.

Remember Suzuki got to be India's first "New" car partner, made them Billions. billions. And so much power in India. Bribed their way everywhere and are TERRIBLE corporate citizens. Shameful. Polluters, people users, exploitative in general. Very sad, given their heritage.
Can anyone say Trojan Horse?

So hey, since everyone here is so concerned with what is happening in the world...I have the key that can relax this whole mess.

See this for what I do:

For what I say:

For what I play:

Needs global juice behind it.

Care to spread the word?

in one gracefull swoop, refit/retrofit/renew.


Anonymous said...

Hi, two things are happening...1 = only the rich will be able to run away from the radiation in Japan, and 2 = later on Japan will expand by bringing in more people and more land will be needed..... a la Zionist going into Palestine ..................Ponce

Anonymous said...

The rich and government know that Japan will fall into the sea. Sooner rather than later. Now is the time to get out if you can.

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

Famous Japanese SF writer Sakyo Komatsu wrote a story of Japan literally falling into the ocean from mega-earthquake and the Japanese people dispersed throughout the world ("Japan Sinks").

I liked the parody version of that by another SF writer titled "Everywhere Else But Japan Sinks".

Anonymous said...

India's official progression into fission power and WMD raises a BIG red flag for the subcontinent, an obvious warning sign, that it too is being misled, following catastrophic interruptions in backup cooling at nuclear power reactors and fuel rod storage pools in Japan. Bangalore has in no way surmounted the major technical stumbling block of permanent radiologic terrain contamination. All those technical bangles galore may turn out to be an illusion.

Exporting the flawed Japanese manufacturing model leveraged off nuclear power as it has been, is not likely to be any more successful outside contaminated Japan.

Meanwhile,conditions for decommissioning nuclear power will never be better than right now. We have the resources and people able to eliminate the fission experiment before it eradicates our homelands. Places like Daiichi, Mayak, Bikini, Hanover, Dimona, Le Havre, and the Nevada Test Site, are not the only permanent home port casualties of technocracy. There are intentional victims also like Fallujah and Sirte and Gaza where the radiologic technocracy has weaponized itself to burn its nuclear waste openly using uranium munitions. The wars have always been fake, horrible but obvious setups for duped nationalists to kill themselves for the dark purposes of a millenial conspiracy.

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

I just wonder what kind of "eco-friendly" energy that they are talking about. New-generation Toshiba/Westinghouse nuclear reactor?

Anonymous said...

"I think this is a great idea, India will see what it's like to have a whole section of their country changed into a foreign land, just like indians and other races have done to Europe."

I understand the sentiment but in reality, the Indians in India who will "see" are not the ones in the West - so in the first place your message is going to the wrong people. Also, the Indians who have come to the west did not do so in order to conquer or change it, they just ended up here for various reasons (mainly economic and for political / religious / cultural freedom i.e. seeking a better life, etc) ... so you can't really blame them as though they have all moved here on purpose with the intention of taking over.

The real issue is two fold:

Firstly, let's face it, we are talking about whites vs non-whites here. So let's call a spoon a spoon.

1. White guilt leads to the acceptance of mass immigration encouraged mainly by Jewish lobby groups because a strong cohesive white society is perceived as a threat to Jewish dominance. Note that the racist Jews in Israel do not suffer from this issue since they feel no guilt after having been indoctrinated with the Victim Complex. They have quite happily signed in a racist immigration policy last week without batting an eyelid.

2. Whites do not have as many children and non-whites, so where ever even a small number of non-whites move into a white community the community after a few decades will become predominantly non-white and full of businesses catering for the culture of the "foreigners". But again, it is not their fault that whites do not have enough children.

In any event, "Indians" consist of many different types of individuals. It is true that most of them cannot drive very well and forget about reverse parking - they will always drive that banged up piece of junk into a free space forwards. But hey - the food is fantastic and the religions and myths and stories are interesting so it all balances out in the end. It is great that we have some Indians in the west, but I agree with your sentiment that it is getting a bit too much now - that the "white character of the white nations" is under threat. hey, that sounds so racist, doesn't it... but the racist Jews say it all the time about Israel. "The Jewish character of the Jewish stated" must be preserved.

Anonymous said...

"Very sad, given their heritage.
Can anyone say Trojan Horse?"

Heritage? My mind unfortunately keeps getting stuck in time around WWII and a little beyond. Yes, heritage indeed. The truly guilty did not get their punishment and now, just like the victims of the bombs, the innocent(and stupid, might I add) will pay...and like the SS officers who fled to Argentina after the war, so will the criminals in the TEPCO fiasco end up in India.

Ivan said...

Areva, in Sakyo Komatsu movie Nippon chinbotsu, there is planned migration of Japanese to other countries. Australia is saying in movie, "If we have to accept things Japanese, we prefer them to be art objects rather than people." Komatsu was supposed to write sequel but now he doesn't need to.

New generation reactor based on fission or thorium cycle, this is very long way still, especially fission one which might never happen. India was experimenting with thorium fuel but I think they stopped. USA, I think already succeeded with thorium cycle but they said it's not something for commercial use. Much too dangerous for average stupid power plant criminals, I mean owners, to operate.

Right after nuke disaster Japan borrowed two massive gas turbines from Thailand(for three to five years) to supplement power after most of nuke reactors are shut down. Those things are big, 450 tons each.
Turbines are made by.....can you guess?....General Electric! Lots of irony here, GE gas turbine division was not doing well until then. :-)

Anonymous said...

India? Why not Australia the white trash of Asia is what Lee Kwan Yue called that hapless nation. A stolen country with the good fortune to be sitting on billions in minerals and resources providing a largesse for a nation of lazy ex convicts.

Little wonder consecutive Australian governments feign over and support Isreal who do the same to Palestinians what white Austrlaians have done to the indigenous Australian aborigines.

Japan should go to Austrlia. It's empty of people and morality and industrial capacity. Nobody works in that socialist minerals haven.

Ivan said...

Areva, new generation eco-friendly energy is General Electric/Toshiba Flex-efficency gas turbine power plant, not nuke reactor. They know nuke is dead in Japan.

Ivan said...

"Earlier this year, GE signed an agreement with Harbin Electric Co. Ltd. to bring FlexEfficiency technology to China. As part of that agreement, Harbin plans to purchase four 9FB gas turbines before the end of 2013, including two that will incorporate FlexEfficiency technology."

I'm guessing they will be selling to India too(please forget about fission and thorium fuel). We are seeing and worrying about nuke disaster with ignored serious radioactive contamination, but GE and Toshiba don't care they are seeing excellent opportunity to make money from formerly dying gas turbine technology .

Anonymous said...

>providing a largesse for a nation of lazy ex convicts.

Crocodile Dundee seemed anything but lazy!

Anonymous said...

The Japanese colony in Chennai will end up like the Parsis in Mumbai: rich but very inbred.

CaptD said...

The rich will relocate to escape the radiation in Tokyo but everyone will be told that this is just a vacation resort...

Wake Up Japan and smell the Radiation!

Anonymous said...

curious thing that China plans to do exactly the same thing, closed community on foriegn soil

and to the anon re the aboriginal pop which may have reached a few 100K at best? without white mans being here,still being as it was, roaming and culturally disinclined to get upgraded to world standards(ok so those standards ARE crap), still you can't seriously think if the poms hadnt lobbed in first that spain or france or dutch wouldnt have claimed it? and made it a nice slave society as they all did with every other place they took over?
not a pom fan, but, apart from a few, we tended to UNemploy the aborigines..they kept going walkabout:-)
you really got any idea how damn big and dry and uninhabitable this land is?
another tiny detail?
if the OS interests F'd off outta here we would have more employment for our own people. come in buy out, and shut down our industry and off shore it with our labels...

SxPxK said...

A safe haven for a Non-Radiated Elite, to ensure the continuation of a sampled nation, pure breed that is. Kinda like a Noah Arc but on land!.
When the rats are leaving the ship . . . .
Man! it must be good to be part of an elite, humm kof kof I mean the politically correct Elite, yeah not like the fear-mongering type bastard as I've been called before.

Now a special comment regarding two post earlier

Anonymous said...
Ethnic Cleansing..seen before..Plus India has need of females to counteract their high % of males. So for the new city, older persons, men --do not apply. Pretty girls -they can be used to make the Indian population happy with an influx of Japanese permanent residents. Expansion without a war.
JANUARY 15, 2012 6:08 AM

I don't think you understand what this is about and your juvenile comment are not appreciated!

Ethnic cleansing, is the attempt to create ethnically homogeneous geographic areas through the deportation or forcible displacement of persons belonging to particular ethnic groups. Ethnic cleansing sometimes involves the removal of all physical vestiges of the targeted group through the destruction of monuments, cemeteries, and houses of worship. (Encyclopedia Britannica)

A Genocide is the deliberate and systematic destruction of a group of people because of their ethnicity, nationality, religion, or race. (Encyclopedia Britannica)

What you have in Japan is a Genocide, but the causality is not their ethnicity, their nationality, their religion nor religion or race. But pecuniary.

Whoever pissed on the commies for being ruthless can surely look in the mirror now and appreciate what capitalism has to offer to the world. Better red than dead LOL Mofos

After all, Japan was nuked twice before to warn off Communists and China of the Mighty Capitalist Nuclear Klan. Third time the charm.
But now its the Blue and White Collars paying for a sophomoric world elite.

Anonymous said...
Looks like the radioactive Japanese chickens are coming home to roost...who says that the war crimes and atrocities that the Japanese war machine committed during WW2 would not at least partially find justice?
JANUARY 15, 2012 6:59 AM

As for you my friend, I'm not sure where to start.

1st - STFU

2nd - Where ever you are from, your country HAS committed a crime of war against another tribe, ethnic or nation, to say the least in the eye of the oppressed not the oppressor, so STFU.

3rd - The war criminal have to pay, Hell yeah! (some are still pending trial, Buck Fush)
But not the newer Generation WTF is wrong with you. Those kids were not even born back then, why should they carry that burden, for that matter you were not even born yourself and even if you were, you wouldn't comment like that! it ain't your fight anymore!

You are laughing at the Japanese population in the name of WWII justice, war committed by an army not the population, big diff here my friend.

YOU ARE A PRICK and an ignorant one.

Morgaine said...

The new japanese city in India would also facilitate distributing radioactive-contaminated products and materials (such as rice hulls, used in so many things now) without the true source of the products (Japan) being known by the buyer.

One of the manufacturers using rice hulls in building supplies to whom I spoke last week indicated all of the rice hulls they use come from India. [That doesn't necessarily make me feel better about the products.]

But if the rice hulls are sourced from the japanese town in India, they can be said to be from India, correct?

The average citizen--if they even knew to ask about the source of the contents of what they are buying--probably would not know to then ask "where was the rice grown?"

Anonymous said...

So as I understand it, Japan is due a few more mega quakes, Haarp or not... it seems to be their destiny. Take into account the radio activity across not just Japan but the globe from Fukushima (not to mention the 3000+ nuclear weapons, the worlds super powers have tested in our atmosphere since the 1950's), add a few psycopathic billionaires and this story seems just about right if you applied to any country in 2012, radio active or not, disaster prone or not. I've done the same to a small degree in my life, why stay on a sinking ship? doesnt make it right but he has more chickens, eats more chicken.

Anonymous said...

What mental illness do the powers that be in Japan suffer from ?
According to Japanese psychoanalyst Masao Miyamoto they must suffer from necrophilia, since according to him this is the prevalent mental illness there.
That makes sense : no feeling for life, no feeling for the average Japanese citizen abandonned in a radioactive land. And maybe even delight in seeing death taking over, like those politicians smiling and laughing when listening to tragic accounts.

Anonymous said...

I don't think they are humans. They are reptilians. Take a look at the new cabinet of Noda:

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Anonymous said...

Like I have been saying since the begining, the problem is not fixable. The land that is Japan is toast, finished, uninhabitable forever. It should be no surprise that evacuation plans for the elite are under preparation.


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shohre said...

i think that is s so funny
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