Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tokyo Metropolitan Government to Subsidize Tours to Fukushima Only Next Year

Did you even know that the Tokyo Metropolitan government had such a program?

Not satisfied enough by accepting and burning disaster debris of varying radiation levels from Iwate and Miyagi Prefecture (in case of the Miyagi debris, it is to be burned all over Tokyo) and collecting fat fees for "facilitating" the effort, the Tokyo Metropolitan government will now focus on the tourism industry in Fukushima Prefecture. It will subsidize tourists who will visit Fukushima, starting the next fiscal year which will start on April Fool's Day.

From Yomiuri Shinbun (1/11/2011):


The Tokyo Metropolitan government has decided to subsidize tourists who will visit Fukushima Prefecture starting the next fiscal year [that will start on April 1]. Tourists who visit on a day trip will be given 1,500 yen [about US$20], and tourists who stay overnight will be given 3,000 yen [about US$40] per night up to two nights.


It is part of the measures [by the Tokyo Metropolitan government] to support Fukushima Prefecture who suffers decrease in the number of tourists to the prefecture because of the Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant accident. The subsidy will be given to people who live, work or go to school, in Tokyo who book tours through travel agencies.


This fiscal year, the Tokyo Metropolitan government has been subsidizing the tourists who go to the three disaster-affected prefectures including Iwate and Miyagi with 3,000 yen per night. However, the tourism recovery in Fukushima Prefecture has been slow, and the Tokyo government will subsidize the tourists to Fukushima only in the next fiscal year.

Travel agencies, if they are like other businesses in Japan, will inflate the package price. The government bureaucrats will be the last people to take any responsibility in the future for any ill effect on health for promoting the destination whose air radiation levels easily exceed 1 microsievert/hour in many locations.

Caveat emptor.

Or as Professor Hayakawa of Gunma University often comments, "If you don't educate yourself now and fast, you'll die."


Len said...

Professor Hayakawa makes a comment all people , everywhere should heed.

Anonymous said...

People better wear accumulating dosimeter badges...and STUPID printed on their foreheads...

Chibaguy said...

Professor Hayakawa's advise is spot on. He is telling the truth while Japan is in chaos which makes him a target in Japan.

As for dosimeters and routinue montoring of places with know hotspots, this is nothing but a clinical trial.

As for this idiotic budget for 2012, even the Fukushima people that do not own businesses there are saying stay away. I have to go there from time to time so I wish PM Noda and all would reimburse me more for further I have to get closer. Koriyama and Fukushima should at least be at 5,000 yen a night.

All jokes aside, when this plan fails what is the government going to do? The next step is to use the children and make sure all school trips are only to Fukushima. Welcome to la la land.

Anonymous said...

Ski Fukushima 2012 !
Thinking that sometime in the not-so-distant future that will be remembered as giving the last full measure of devotion.

Anonymous said...

Pay you 3000 yen , then earn back millions in cancer related treatment. Smart move.

Greyhawk said...

Unbelievable! What the hell is wrong with these people?

Anonymous said...

For every tourist that goes there....one more gets a free ride off the planet!

Radioactive tourists, planes, trains, and automobiles....what a way to bust that industry!

Will the last person left, please leave a note that explains how stupid everyone was.....

Bruce Hayden said...

Unfuckingreal! These pathological goons just keep re-defining absurdity. I would laugh if it weren't so tragic. They will probably give themselves a raise for such a bright idea....

Anonymous said...

And I suppose if they can't get enough tourists in, they'll force schools to send their students on school excursions to the place.

Anonymous said...

The government better start thinking about sending some young Japanese couples to Chile to ensure the survival of the Japanese race. Because it is soon going to be a land of genetic mutants.

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