Wednesday, January 11, 2012

(UPDATED) Video of Emiko Numauchi ("Numayu") Available at IWJ

but Yasumi Iwakami is only making it available for his paid subscribers.

Oh well.

For all his work, I suppose he is entitled to make his information available only to people who can support him financially. For those who cannot, well that's too bad they have to continue to rely on the official MSM.

If you understand the language and are willing to support Iwakami's work by becoming a paid subscriber to his news, go here. Regular subscription is US$13 per month, and supporter subscription is US$39 and up per month.

For more on Ms. Numauchi, see my posts.


(UPDATE 1/12/2012: Someone uploaded the video. If you understand Japanese, you can view it here. If you do not, still click the link and see how she looks and sounds. And look how the radiation expert Shinzo Kimura looks and sounds.

I personally do not trust Mr. Kimura, by the way he gives non-explanation about auto-immune disease as something only a sensitive person suffers, by his mannerism.)


Apolline said...

Hi from France,

Sorry for me, I don't understand japanese.

I've got a site about Fukushima. Ultraman will say if there are good infos in it.

Anonymous said...

Very disappointing and totally wrong decision in my opinion. Thanks for following up.

Anonymous said...

i can tell you what she says...

'me so fuckee long time....' or just give up as we be dead.

Anonymous said...

↑ We have a winner for the most annoying and racist post.

Anonymous said...

I can understand why it is annoying, but why is it "racist"?

Anonymous said...

Not racist or annoying but in my opinion 1:56 is pea brained idiocy. Truth is he was probably drunk when he wrote that and was reminiscing about his cheap sleazy Thai brothels visits whilst disorientedly imagining being entertained by the refined arts of the expensive geisha.

You're in the same retard category as The Finnished Troll, dood.

Anonymous said...

Sorry that was his choice. It seem a disservice to Ms. Numauchi who bravely came forth with her story.
Finished watching Hirose Tukashi's lecture in Tsuchiura on 9/11 and was surprised at his informing the audience about the release of Chernobyl Heart at a theater and encouraging people to see it. It is widely available- or

For anyone in Japan still unaware of the the harmful effects of radiation on themselves and future generations, this film lays bare the heartbreak and damage. It is very hard to watch, but when you are done, you probably won't find the government response of not evacuating the children or providing you with real information acceptable.

It should be required viewing for the Diet and TEPCO.

Anonymous said...

5:38, I didn't mean to imply you were in the same category as The Finnished Troll, I meant 1:56 is. Your post was/is cool.

Anonymous said...

god will protect the people of fuku and his love will keep them strong. they dont need to leave, just believe in christ our savior.

farfromhome said...

Now that I have watched Chernobyl Heart, I am more sad than ever. or

GOJ, TEPCO, all Japanese should watch this documentary.

This is NE Japan's future, though I fear that many of these Japanese babies and children will not even be given a chance to live, so maybe not. It will be easier to not let them ever see the light of day....then responsibility and accountability will not have to be considered. But I can already hear it - 'It is regrettable .....'

doitujin said... ?

Anonymous said...

"god will protect the people of fuku and his love will keep them strong. they dont need to leave, just believe in christ our savior."

Yes the invisible man in the sky will fix everything. You yourself only need to reconfirm your belief in Jesus and wait. Meanwhile, make sure you smile. This way you are doubly protected.

Anonymous said...

God helps people that help themselves

Anonymous said...

God helps people that help themselves

Anonymous said...

9:04PM, Why did God send a mega-earthquake and tsunami that caused the reactors in Fuku to blow up in the first place? Not much Godly love there, in my opinion. Had not enough residents accepted Jesus as their saviour? Seems more like work of like that crazy murderous God of the Old Testament.

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

@anon at 7:47AM, now now, don't talk like that crazy governor of Tokyo who said the earthquake was the God's punishment.

Atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki was really ironic, as Nagasaki was where the Japanese Christians secretly kept their faith for more than 300 years despite persecution.

Anonymous said...

Hah, yeah, Areva. According to the governor of Tokyo's genius reasoning it was indeed due to God's punishment of Japan that caused the most earthquake-prone coastal area on the globe to have an actual earthquake and tsunami, and had nothing to do with the fact that 90% of the world's earthquakes and 89% of the world's largest earthquakes occur along the Ring of Fire. Remarkably nonexistent logic and supreme arrogance of religious judgement on his part, wouldn't you say?

And those poor observant people of Nagasaki who were undeservingly meted out a sad fate(like the others) in spite of their faith, yes, how sadly ironic. How to explain that one?

Anonymous said...

"How to explain that one?"

Their reward, of course! If they died prematurely they were assured a place in christian heaven, while, most regrettably, all others went to christian hell(???). Especially sad was if one was using the wrong version of the christian bible or did not repent in time. Oh well.

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