Sunday, March 11, 2012

Al Jazeera Reports on Health Problems of Ms. Numauchi of Minami Soma City, Fukushima

If you recall, the health problems that Ms. Emiko Numauchi has suffered since last August (teeth falling off, hair and nails falling off, skin rashes, for a start) have been dismissed by Dr. Shinzo Kimura of the NHK radiation documentary fame as autoimmune disease caused by stress and feminine sensitivity.

Al Jazeera's Steven Chao reports from Minami Soma City in the news segment aired on March 9, 2012. Ms. Numauchi shows her strange skin rash on her thigh. My goodness.

Al Jazeera has the "one-year anniversary" of Japan's disaster page, here. It has a very good coverage of topics including rebuilding efforts in the tsunami-affected areas and anti-nuclear movement.

In contrast, the websites of the Japanese newspapers pretend there's nothing more to report on the disaster, other than how the government wants to spread disaster debris all over Japan by all means.


mike in tokyo rogers said...

Well, hell yes these problems are directly from the Fukushima disaster! If it is radiation caused or autoimmune disorder, the fact remains that this woman is suffering horribly because of what happened. This woman suffers and, of course, who wouldn't? If I lived there I'd be surprised if my health didn't go to hell!
You know that the doctor who said it was from autoimmune disorder is guessing and that fits well as the government or TEPCO won't be responsible in court or health care... The lesson here is that doctors misdiagnose all the time! When my daughter had cancer she was misdiagnosed... Doctors have offices. Have you ever wondered why doctors call their offices a "practice"?

mike in tokyo rogers said...

PS: Did you see that idiotic report that Tokyo Tower and Sky Tree were using LED lights tonight as a commemorative to 3/11?

Anonymous said...

Because of the report, Ms. Emiko Numauchi is being vilified on Japan controlled sites such as JapanProbe. By name and with terrible comments wishing her dead. Now, per FD, her website is down without even a cache. Has anyone heard from her since earlier this year? Is she okay? In hospital? Or worse? She is just a victim of nuclear radiation and the disaster -with terrible health issues.

To the awful people who wrote about her..when YOUR hair falls out, teeth, nails-when you get those rashes leaving bloody scars, have uncontrolled bone pain, hope you suffer just like she is/or has done. That maybe the only way for you to understand this disaster. May God have mercy on your souls...

Anonymous said...

All my sympathy to this brave lady.

Consider that, her symptoms located in all parts of her body, it is probably only radiation in drinking water that can have done this.

It's very difficult to imagine that professional doctors and dentists have been ordered to evade their responsibilities to both patient and public.

Disclaimer: the above may contain traces of irony.

Anonymous said...

Disclaimer: should have read:

"the final paragraph above may contain more than a trace of irony"

Anonymous said...

Has anyone heard from her in the past month? Her husband? Or seen her? Last reported info she was to skype into a conference as she was having difficult with fevers.

She is a martyr.

Anonymous said...

The French/German TV broadcasting service "Arte" has begun to create fine reports on the current situation in Japan, as well as last year's events. My English is not good enough to transcribe any of these, unfortunately:

The second video covers other topics as well, the "Mothers of Fukushima" are honored in the middle

Anonymous said...

You must don´t translate or transcribe because the video can plays in English also!

Best point is the 25 Minute with Dr. Busby and the fact that the plutonium values were about 300 times to the peak value from the 50s!!!

Anonymous said...

Why only 300 times?

In Chiba 300 times in Fuku 1000 times

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the Al Jazeera link!
A very nice 1 year later page.

After reading blogs on it all year + very informed comments from "in-the-know" posters I conclude there was some kind of secret nuclear program or weapons making program going on at Fuckushima Daiichi.

Certain things point to that that deserve wider exploration.

It would account for the lack of interest in accountability by TEPCO & Japan gov't. by NATO (nuke armed) nations.

Anonymous said...

oops - that FUKushima -- Freudian slip!

Anonymous said...

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