Friday, March 16, 2012

And Expedition to #Fukushima Reactor 3 Torus Room, 3/14/2012


Anonymous said...

Is this the place that steam was gushing from some months back?

Anonymous said...

Movie of nothing. They never pointed it even at the counter so we could see the intense rad level. It might have well been taken in a train station. Useless.

Karen Sherry Brackett said...

Well, there is compton scattering going on in reactor 3 building now as well. So, the rad level is intense to be certain. The footage at 4:40 and forward is very interesting.

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

@anon at 3:06AM, it was Reactor 1's 1st floor that the steam with several sievert/hour radiation was gushing out.

Anonymous said...

5:17 seconds in, look at the bottom of the door, it's bowed severely, that shows movement of the frame and probably movement of the wall compressing the door itself.

Atomfritz said...

I guess they'd need some amphibious robot there.
Too many obstacles for Quince or artificial birds.

And it's actually quite radioactive, as Karen pointed to.
High video compression makes it almost unnoticeable, anyway.

There seems to have been no follow-up by Tepco on the reactor 1 steam gusher. No statements where the steam could have come etc.
Maybe they just don't want to look at it again. If it still bubbles, then there is obviously a little problem with that "cold shutdown".

Anonymous said...

Another TEPCO incompetent dickheads video production.

It astounds me that for work like this, a nuclear power plant operating company, after a YEAR of this bullshit, STILL cannot get it together to properly equip workers for an expedition into dark, damaged places like this.
Fluro hand lanterns, FFS?! NO head-mounted lighting at all?! No super-bright LED spotlights? Just weak-arse lights, that barely make a difference to the blackness? Crummy handheld cameras? Nothing at all for opening wedged doors, so they just give up and retreat? Never heard of sledge hammers?

What's wrong with these freaking idiotic people?

The expedition to Unit#2 Torus room was even worse - the camera was out of focus!

Btw, 'Anon 1:24', the deformed door isn't due to frame/wall movement. The walls, floor etc are concrete, and deformation would show. That metal door was bent outwards by internal atmospheric overpressure. From the torus room. That's not good.


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