Thursday, March 15, 2012

Virtual Nuke Plant Tour of AKW Zwentendorf - the atomic power plant that never went into operation" in Austria

From the blog reader Atomfritz:

Look inside a Mark-I torus:

1. Go to
2. Click "Rundgang" in the upper bar on the page
3. Flash window pops up, click link "Zum virtuellen 360 Rundgang" in middle of window
4. Click at "Kondensationskammer" (=suppression chamber) in the right menu
5. Drag mouse to change view

This is an authentic S/C of the Fukushima type like in Reactor 2-4.

Images taken in the safest NPP of the world.
Zwentendorf NPP in Austria, never got critical due to a referendum.

Other panoramic views available via right menu.


Chibaguy said...

Both of you, thank you very much! Cannot wait to get to a computer.

Yosaku said...

Really great link. Thanks, Atomfritz! Makes me miss my days as an engineer designing other large-scale construction (not NPPs, mind you!).

Anonymous said...

Fantastic (if not frightening) link! THANK YOU!

Anonymous said...

I'am very greatfull for my fellow citizens in the '70s to vote against nuclear power in austria.

Sagaminghahaha said...

This article makes life happy, bright and gives good ideas.

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