Monday, March 12, 2012

TEPCO to Conduct Full Survey of #Fukushima Reactor 4 SFP and Reactor Well

The company already released the video of the 1st preliminary survey of Reactor 4 Spent Fuel Pool on February 10 2012 (go to my post here for the video). Now, they will do a more extensive "preliminary" survey and the main survey of both the Spent Fuel Pool and the Reactor Well using the Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) made by Hitachi-GE Nuclear Energy.

Relatively speaking, the radiation levels are the lowest in Reactor 4, or low enough to allow carbon-based workers to actually go in and do the survey. The workers have been cleaning up the debris on the operation floor of Reactor 4 since November last year.

From TEPCO's handout for the press, 3/12/2012:


Alex Smith said...

Hear an update from nuclear expert Arnie Gundersen, plus reports from CRMS Fukushima citizen activists Aya Marumori and Wataru Iwata in this Radio Ecoshock 1 hour special recording from the Vancouver conference "The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster - One Year Later" held March 11th.
Listen to/download mp3 here:

Atomfritz said...

"We are considering to move control rods currently stored in the cask pit to the bottom of Reactor in the future when we take out the fuel in SPF. We will survey debris fallen down to the bottom of Reactor to organize the plan."

Looks like if their long-term plan is to just grout the control rods in the RPV instead of storing them orderly in a dedicated nuclear waste storage.

Anonymous said...

I certainly hope not.

As far as I can understand it, the "cask pit" needs to be freed up so they can put casks in there and fill them with fuel rods.

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