Friday, March 16, 2012

Video of #Fukushima I Nuke Plant Reactor 4 SFP

More debris than the previous video one month ago using the camera showed, and water is murkier.

TEPCO tried the camera on March 15, but the visibility was too low (that's what they said anyway). So they used the ROV on March 16 and tried again.

I wonder what those floating white particles are. They were certainly not there as much in February.

Jiji Tsushin reports (3/16/2012) that TEPCO plans to vacuum clean the small debris on top of the fuel bundle so that they can proceed with removing the fuel bundles from the SFP.


Anonymous said...

floating white particles were sent by the devil

Atomfritz said...

This bubbling is probably gas.
It looks like in some nature video footage.

In nature some microorganism and animals actually utilize bubbles to have air and water at the same time, and have some clever ways of keeping up surface tension so that bubbles stay stable, don't pop or merge.
When the green filter/light is on, these bubbles become almost indistinguishable (absorbing the light).
So I actually have the feeling that this could be some form of radiation-insensitive algae.

Would be a nice finding for biologists after the Chernobyl melatonine black fungus which thrives in highly-radioactive areas in the sarcophagus.
Or like the still not-researched mysterious mold-like growths in the Savannah River Site's high-level-waste vaults.
And many other radiation-loving organisms (see the links in this article: ).

If this stuff in the SFP are algae that eat the salts in the construction materials which fell into the pool, I am afraid vacuuming the spent fuel tops from debris will not make much of a difference, because most of the smaller parts and the dust of the concrete probably lies on the floor, unreachable.

I bet Tepco will have to use heavy biocides.

Steve From Virginia said...

It looks like the bubbles are inside the camera enclosure. The strong video light that shines onto the top of the fuel assemblies is reflected back toward the enclosure which illuminates the bubbles.

Everything Tepco does is cheesy as possible, made out of plastic sheeting, duct tape, garden drain tubing: the cheapest kind of camera on their ROV. There are workers walking around near the SFP someone could certainly put up a decent cam or some lights.

If they want to ...

Also (a bit off topic) Tepco has done away with the temperature charts of the 3 melted reactors, you know: the charts that showed rising temperatures in unit 2.

Anonymous said...

I simply refuse to believe TEPCO on anything. This video might not even be from SFP four.

Stock said...

Regardless of the pro nuke lies, if you live in the US you were partly poisoned.

In fact if they had been honest, people could have done simple things like stay out of the rain and avoided much internal contamination. But "they" didn't, because they are a the nuke cartel, and their profits and egos are more important to them than your health.

Take their toys away, over 1% of all nuke plants blow up.....FACT

And when they lie about how there wasn't plutonium released, point them here
There was, lots of it, right into the jet stream

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