Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Flight to Safety Goes To US Treasuries and... Netflix?

(UPDATE 1:25PM EST) Here we go. Pump is on, for now. Dow recovers to -160.


After Nikkei dropped more than 1,000 points overnight, the US stock market is sustaining a significant but not so horrendous loss. Dow Jones Industrial is currently down 183; right after the opening it was down almost 300 points. The PPT and dip buyers to the rescue!

Finally a flight to safety and liquidity seem to have arrived, but not necessarily where you may think.

A quick scan of my stock screen shows ETFs on US Treasuries like TLT is getting a bid. TLT is up $1 or 1.17%, for the day so far.

There's another notable stock that has jumped: Netflix, up almost $15 or 7.44%. Goldman Sachs upgraded the stock to "Buy" today, and that seems to be enough for momo investors.

US dollar is FLAT.

Oh by the way, did you know that Ben Bernank and the gang are meeting today? The FOMC meeting results will be out any minute now. I don't think the so-called Fed hawks want to say no to Ben's super accommodating policy at this particular point in time. My guess is QE for eternity. I could be wrong. We'll see in about 3 minutes.


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