Saturday, March 19, 2011

#Fukushima I Nuke Plant: Japanese Government Finally Accepts US Offer of 4 Unmanned Fire Engines

that can pump water CONTINUOUSLY by REMOTE CONTROL, according to Yomiuri Shinbun (in Japanese; 3:04AM JST 3/20/2011).


But the Japanese government had to do the grandstanding to show to the foreigners and to the Japanese that they were fully in charge, that what they were doing was what foreigners could have done anyway. "Look at our own brave soldiers and police and fire fighters are saving the plant!"

In the process they unnecessarily exposed the SDF soldiers, TEPCO employees, fire fighters, police to high radiation, probably ruined their fire engines with salt water, and exposed the earthquake-stricken Japanese with increasing radiation. All for the show.

All the while, there were these US-made engines that can pump water continuously and with remote control. All they needed to do was to ask, or to accept the offer.

As I posted in my last post, the Japanese government has had a reconnaissance video taken by the US Air Force drones, ever since March 12; they've been sitting on it. They have thermal imaging of one of the badly damaged reactor from the Israeli company, and they've been sitting on it.

What a criminal act that has been, suppressing and/or ignoring the data that didn't come from themselves, refusing the help that could have made a tremendous difference if accepted at the onset of the crisis. It is a crime against humanity. No amount of bowing and crying in the press conference will excuse their bureaucratic tunnel vision in the time of crisis.

In the time of the gravest crisis that the nation has faced, these politicians and bureaucrats (I count TEPCO in, as it was a government corporation) have retreated into what they know best - how to be bureaucratic and stickler for the rules and regulations.

Sadly, the Japanese people are so docile and so conditioned at this point that it is difficult for them to see that it is the government that kills. Instead, they continue to look to their government to do the right things for them. Just sad.


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