Sunday, March 13, 2011

#Japan #Earthquake: Tokai II Power Plant Basics

The Japan Atomic Power Company, which runs Tokai Power Plants (I and II), doesn't have anything on their website regarding the latest news of the cooling system failure at the Plant II.

But it has this basic information about the Tokai II Power Plant:

  • Operational since: 1978 (Japan's first large-scale nuclear power plant) [Fukushima I's Unit 1 started commercial operation in 1971, with 460,000 kilowatt]

  • Reactor type: Boiling water reactor (BWR) [the same as Fukushima I and II plants]

  • Fuel: low enriched uranium [Fukushima uses MOX - uranium/plutonium mix]

  • Output: 1.1 million kilowatt [Fukushima I Plant total (6 reactors)=4.696 million kilowatt]

  • Power supplied to: Tohoku Electric Power Co., Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO)

TEPCO is implementing the rolling blackout, with anticipated 10 million kilowatt shortage.


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