Tuesday, March 15, 2011

#Fukushima I Nuke Plant: More on Reactors No.5 and 6

TEPCO says the temperature of the storage pool in both reactors is rising, but "relatively stable".

Uh huh... Have we heard it before somewhere from someone?

From Nikkei Shinbun (in Japanese; 10:29PM Japan Standard Time 3/15/2011):

TEPCO, in the latest press conference, said the temperature of the storage pool in the Reactors No.5 and 6 were rising. As of 9:00PM, the temperature was 58.7-degree Celsius for the Reactor No.5, and 57-degree Celsius for the Reactor No.6.

These two reactors, and the Reactor No.4 were not in use when the earthquake hit. They still have the cooling system but it is "not fully functioning", according to TEPCO.

Meanwhile. the fuel rods in the Reactors No.1, 2, and 3 continue to be exposed above water. In the Reactor No.1, the fuel rods are 1.8 meter above water; in the Reactor No.2 they are 1.8 meter above water, and in the Reactor No.3, 2.3 above water. TEPCO officials described the situation as "not getting worse".

(Oh boy is that a Newspeak or is that a Newspeak?)

The Reactor No.4 had an explosive fire after the storage pool's temperature rose above 85-degree Celsius from the exposed used fuel rods in the pool. The normal temperature is 40-degree Celsius.


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