Saturday, March 19, 2011

My "Pet Goat" Moment for Obama Is Right About Now

Obama Family trip to Latin America looks more and more like George W. Bush reading the story of "my pet goat" to primary school kiddies in Florida on 9/11.

In a way, it's far more egregious. Bush was informed of the attack in the middle of the reading. Obama has had the situation - Libya, Bahrain, Yemen, not to mention his pet wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan - for weeks, with the last week escalating to frenzy with added mix of the Japanese nuclear crisis. And what does he do? Go on a foreign trip. Just like Bush the Lesser kept reading the story to kids.

Did Obama or his handlers ever think of cancelling the trip? Is he thinking of cutting the trip short and head back home? Nope. His handlers want to enjoy Rio, too.

Browsing, looking at headlines. Shaking my head in disbelief that the Prez of the USSA is taking his entire family (the wife, two kids, and the wife's mother) on a trip to Latin America in the middle of all these.. Unreal. I guess this "son of Gaddafi" is as unreal and beyond comprehension just like the "daddy". headlines:

US Missiles Hit Gadhafi's Air Defenses

46 Killed as Yemen Forces Attack Protesters

Saudi King Warns of Moves Against 'Sedition'

Bahrain Demolishes Key Monument to Spite Protesters

Pakistan Calls for Revenge After Massive US Drone Strike

Marines Use Destruction to 'Win' in Afghanistan

To the Shores of Tripoli Nebojsa Malic on blundering into Libya


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