Tuesday, March 15, 2011

#Obama's Schedule for the Day

Speaking of where the US is while the world descends into I don't want to know what, here's the president of the United States is doing today, from the White House website:

10:00AM He and Biden receives daily briefing [It's even later than normal (9:30AM). I guess he needs rest from his partying last night.]

11:45AM He interviews with several TV stations about importance of education reform.

12:30PM He and Biden have lunch together.

1:45PM He meets the finalists of student science talent search.

2:00PM He meets his senior advisors. [ex-JPMorgan banker, ex-Goldman...]

4:30PM He meets Defense Secretary Gates.

5:30PM He meets Combatant Commanders.

7:00PM He and his wife host a dinner for Combatant commanders.

And we're paying for his every single minute.


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