Friday, June 10, 2011

6.11 No-Nuke Demonstrations Throughout Japan Today

Six-Eleven No-Nuke demonstrations are planned throughout Japan on June 11 their time. It looks to be a totally grassroots movement that's been going on for about a month, which is evidenced by the fact that no Japanese MSM has ever reported it.

It's raining in the mid section of Japan, but the organizers throughout Japan are hoping to bring out 1 million people total at various events throughout the day. Over 100 events are planned.

Almost all events seem to have been coordinated via the net and Twitter. Independent journalists are covering them, and there are several networks of citizens throughout Japan trying to netcast the event live, using sophisticated devices like cellphones and using sites like USTREAM.

Maybe the Japanese are reaching a critical point where the "no nuke" voice makes up the number significant enough to start to make an impact on the majority of Japanese.

Some of the events are about to start. You can view them at this site (in Japanese). Click on the map of Japan, and the events planned for the region pop up.

As if on cue, the Japanese government and Japan's big industries are at it again, trying to scare citizens that power blackout would be the only choice if there were no nuclear power plants and if they want to keep the manufacturing industries in Japan. Never mind that there is actually no power shortage.

But as you will see at these events, more and more Japanese don't seem to care if there's a blackout. They just don't want nuclear power plants any more in their backyards. They are practically everyone's backyards, with 54 reactors throughout Japan. Fukushima I Nuke Plant has shown that the "backyard" extends from Miyagi Prefecture all the way to Shizuoka Prefecture.

There are events planned also in Australia (4), New Zealand (1), San Francisco California, Hawaii, New York, Indonesia (1), Canada (1), Germany (3), France (1), Belgium (1), Taiwan (1), Hong Kong (1), South Korea (1).

The Main hub for the net live cast by Yasumi Iwakami:


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Solidarity with the people of Japan as they fight this appalling disaster.

Good luck.

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