Thursday, June 9, 2011

#Radiation Contamination in Japan: "Let's All Help Fukushima Farmers" by Buying Their Produce

Radiation be damned. We're in this together, like it or not!

There are many events throughout Japan to promote goods, including fresh produce, from the area first affected by the March 11 earthquake/tsunami and then by "baseless rumors" (aka radioactive materials) that the vegetables and food items from the area are contaminated with radioactive materials.

Some events are organized by the government ministries and agencies, others by the prefectural or local governments. There are many by private businesses, and here's one of them, as happily reported by a newspaper in Fukushima.

From Fukushima Minpo (6/9/2011):


The "Shipping Ceremony" of the packages of vegetables for the employees of Sogo Keibi Hosho (ALSOK) Group [a security company headquartered in Tokyo] took place on June 8 in Shirakawa City in Fukushima Prefecture, at the Japan Agriculturral Cooperative (JA) in Shirakawa.

 風評被害に苦しむ本県農家を支援しようと、全国約3万5千人のグループ社員に本県産野菜購入を呼び掛けた。500件近くの申し込みがあり、第一弾として JAしらかわが白河地方の野菜を詰め合わせた「白河浪慢野菜BOX」を発送した。注文がまとまり次第、県内の他JAが順次発送する。本庄松雄福島綜合警備 保障社長、小室信一JAしらかわ代表理事組合長、鈴木慎一り菜あん出荷協力会長らが発送開始を祝った。

ALSOK Group called on its 35,000 employees nationwide to purchase vegetables grown in Fukushima, in order to help farmers in Fukushima who suffer "baseless rumors (風評)" [that their vegetables are contaminated with radioactive materials]. Nearly 500 orders came, and as the first shipment, JA Shirakawa packed vegetables grown in Shirakawa. As more orders come in, other JAs within Fukushima Prefecture will take turns shipping the orders. The ceremony was attended by the president of the Fukushima branch of ALSOK Group, the head of the Shirakawa JA, and others.


Niigata said...

ALSOK management should set an example and gorges itself on all the radioactive vegetables of Fukushima ... and drink with water from the nuclear KAMPAI !!! TEPCO can sell them for cheap ...


terry4th said...

To Knowingly Expose Children and then ask the public to Take Poison Is EVIL! Population Control has begun! Is it your duty to comply??? New and Bold Leadership is Required, to stop this INSANITY from taking root, and much suffering form CANCER will soon be an institution. As a Cancer survivor, I will continue to fight for those unable to fight for themselves! *Fukushima Radiation Sentinels/ G.W.W.

Anonymous said...

They have no choice but to raise the limits for exposure and foods. They cannot evacuate all areas and they cannot stop producing or selling the food. So the only option left is to raise the limits and claim it is all healthy. They have no other option.

Anonymous said...

@ Niigata,

"ALSOK management should set an example and gorge itself on all the radioactive vegetables of Fukushima ... and drink .."

And much the way horses will eat until they vomit and continue eating, ALSOK should be made to eat 'til vomiting ..

Anonymous said...

Robbie001 sez:

I think this is just a campaign to lower TEPCO's liability to the local farmers. ALSOK is a security company if they don't already service the nuclear industry it doesn't hurt for them to get their foot in the door. It's funny how we have a sliding level of contamination that is deemed "acceptable" what is the point in having rules if they don't mean anything?

I like the "baseless rumors" line I can't believe they are still trying to shine people on when it is obvious their official numbers are "baseless rumors". Unfortunately I don't think the public is going to keep on top of this situation for the decades necessary. I predict any people outside of academia who follow contamination levels in a few years will be branded Radiophobic.

Anonymous said...

Anyone living in Japan who has not bought a radiation detector by now ought to have their heads examined.

How much larger a hello than what TEPCO has delivered?

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...

They have no choice but to raise the limits for exposure and foods. They cannot evacuate all areas and they cannot stop producing or selling the food. So the only option left is to raise the limits and claim it is all healthy. They have no other option."

Really! So according to you the only other option is Death!!!

Anonymous said...

would it not be possible for japanese families to start a web site where they could request temporary respite in less contaminated countries...then people from less contaminated countries could offer housing and support...this is the 21st century, there are millions of people who know about the situation and would be willing to help out. it would not be any harm to try...a sympathetic pr company could develop and advertise such a would be a positive step forward for the more disadvantaged japanese and offer some hope..??

Anonymous said...

At the very least, kids from the affected areas should be helped to spend at least some of their time elsewhere (summer vacations and stuff).

Anonymous said...

Is anyone aware of any agencies, organizations or web sites which
are still asking for ideas and solutions from the general public?
Any links or contact numbers would be greatly appreciated - thanks!

Anonymous said...

Wow an I thought the Japanese people were smarter than the American people....eating radiation is really dumb.

What is it, no one took science in school and learned how radiation affects the body? I guess the only way to learn it's deadly is when it kills you!

sean mcgee said...

ive got a room or two for disadvantaged\homeless small family where do you go to make this offer...i can help out a bit finacially too!

Anonymous said...

There is a solution for decontamination at Fukushima and elsewhere. The aerial dusting of zeolite and calcium bentonite has been shown to absorb radioactive particles. In Europe, rock dust was mixed in the soil by farmers and was shown to protect crops and farm animals from the Chernobyl fallout. In addition, John Hutchison appears to have a revolutionary solution using radio waves and propogated frequency to neutralize areas effected by radioactive contamination. Lastly, it has been shown that hydroxy (HHO) can eliminate radioactive byproducts (i.e. spent fuel rods). Read about it and know there is something more sinister going on at Fukushima. Spread the word.

Anonymous said...

To the Japanese sheeple. Leave Japan while you can before it's too late. The situation keeps going from bad to worse while the leader shave their heads buried in the sand. This governmnent doesn't care about you, so why you should care about this Illuminati elite that is out to make billions at your own expense. It'll be just a matter of time before cancers, tumors and other related diseases begin to take its toll. God bless!

Anonymous said...

Robbie001 sez:?

@ Anon 8:12

What are your sources because John Hutchison is a known fraud from the Tin Hat squad. He's one of the anti-gravity "zero point" free energy kooks who can never produce peer reviewed result. After years of mediocre success duping UFO nuts and other assorted mentards into thinking he had a clue he tried to sell his "lab" on Ebay for $50,000 and nobody cared. After awhile he claimed some other nuts from German made an offer outside of Ebay which makes the sale impossible to verify (of course). Now he's moving to Germany to further his unknowledge on the foolish.

We are expected to believe this guy can do all sorts of impossible things but he can't even write a users manual for his "wondrous" machine. Instead you have to pay him $10,000 and room and board and he'll show you how to dupe other nutcases into thinking it works.

I've seen lots of "claims" that Brown’s Gas -Metal Matrix Process can reduce radioactivity but they are all the same press release like the link below without any supporting documentation to back it up. They claim "since 1991, this technology has been successfully demonstrated, on a small scale, at least 50 times to US, Chinese, Japanese and United Kingdom officials on a variety of nuclear waste products including americium, cobalt, uranium, and plutonium. But as far as I can tell it is all hippy science because I can't find any scientific papers supporting the claim. Can anyone produce any detailed info on the actual process if not it is very probably BS.

BTW, before you get all excited about all the neutralization technologies found above Mr. Porringa says,

"The following is a reasonably comprehensive list of ***potentially*** effective nuclear waste treatment methods"

"Theories on several (all) of these processes are still quite speculative and solid evidence that would pass conventional peer review is still lacking. This is after all a very new field of science." (yeah it's only 66 years old)

Scott Bryson said...

We have a small international group of people that have been compiling crowdsourced news & information since the disasters began. We have a few dozen working groups on Facebook on a variety of related topics, and while our information could use some organizing, there is much that is useful:

Anonymous said...

Hey Robbie don't say 'hippie science' ok because I'm a hippy and I don't go for quack science either. I highly doubt Jerry Garcia or Neil Young would believe Hutchinson either without peer substantiated evidence. Still waiting to see some peer substantiation of nickel-hydrogen nuclear process but somehow suspect another pipe dream.
Also, not nice to sell false hope to people in a real life death situation with some bullcrap about making radioactive nucleides 'safe'.
Only thing going to make them safe is time, as in decades or millenia etc.
Nothing that's going on here strikes me as abnormal in any way. There's always denial of reality in mortal situations, correct?
Go ahead and support the farmers at least you'll feel like you helped someone as you die (and you're probably going to die anyway as your subconscious seems to already have a pretty decent grasp of).

Antonia - Beauty Health Finance and Green Issues Editor said...

So, they are encouraging people to eat radioactive contaminated food?

I can't believe what I'm reading!

apeman2502 said...

The siting of the Fukushima plant was proof that the American racist neocon crowd was running the Puppet Japanese government and this stupid wanker confirms the idea. This situation is just not consistent with Japanese applied technologies and tradition.

Somebody should check the voting machines.

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