Tuesday, June 7, 2011

#Fukushima II's Contaminated Water: Cobalt-60, Cesium-134, Cesium-137

More on the earlier post on 3,000 tons of contaminated water at Fukushima II Nuke Plant.

From Yomiuri Shinbun (1:28PM JST 6/8/2011):


TEPCO disclosed on June 8 that it has entered into negotiations with the government agencies and local municipalities to treat the contaminated water in the basements of the buildings at Fukushima II Nuclear Power Plant and release it into the ocean. 

同原発では、津波で流れ込んだ海水に、配管類のさびなどから出たとみられる放射性物質のコバルト60や、約10キロ北 の福島第一原発から飛来したと考えられるセシウム137、134などが混ざった汚染水がたまっている。汚染濃度は、海への放出が認められている濃度限界の 10~30倍程度。

The water is from the tsunami [on March 11], and it contains radioactive cobalt-60 which probably came from the rusty pipes, and cesium-137 and cesium-134 which are considered to have flown from Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant 10 kilometers north. The level of contamination is 10 to 30 times the limit allowed for the discharge into the ocean.

Mainichi Shinbun Japanese reports the level of radioactive materials is "normal" for a nuclear plant during the normal operation.

Hmmm. So, in a normal operation, radioactive cesium will fly from a nearby nuke plant and somehow land on the basement of the enclosed reactor building. Right.

TEPCO's press release on the subject is not up yet.


Anonymous said...

Hang on, does this mean it travelled via ground water fro Dai-Ichi to Dai-Ni? That would be quite a concern. We are again not getting the full story here.

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

TEPCO thinks cesium flew (airborne) from Fukushima I and somehow landed in the basement water. Make sense, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

This can only be true one way: if Fukushima Dai-ichi had its containment breached at the time the earthquake happened.

Only so could the radioactive cesium have landed on the water 10 km up the coast and be carried into the basement of Fukushima Dai-ni by the tsunami wave.

Anonymous said...

We are again not getting the full story here.
NHK reporting like 2 stories/day of Govt "sorry" we did not release this & "Sorry" we did not release that. Kan went to Fukushima pretty much as soon as March 11 time frame, so maybe he & aids got blasted with RAD & it scrambled their brains up which is what we may be dealing w/ today.

Anonymous said...

I remember one plant at least had a fire very soon after the tremor. I would say before the waves, although it does not figure in common timelines of the accident.
But the pools also are highly radioactive.

Anonymous said...

How it the Cobalt 60 going to be dealt with?

That is some very, very bad stuff indeed.

Anonymous said...

Cobalt 60?

They'll dispose of it secretly, forget what they did with it, and apologize later for forgetting, and even then give only a half-version of what they really did with it.

= utter contempt

netudiant said...

The tsunami presumably brought in clean sea water.
So the source of the contamination of the water trapped
in the DaiNi basement must be local, unless TEPCO has been using DaiNi as an auxiliary water storage site.
Cesium at 30 times the allowed level surely indicates some fuel damage at the plant, which had been posted as INES level 3 after the tsunami.

Zen Shaman said...

seriously? cobalt 60? cesium 10km away? um, im at a loss for words. did i really read that right? plutonium was found 2km away if i remember correctly too. um, dumb question, but how does it get any worse than this????

Anonymous said...

Normal plant operations?
There is nothing normal about a nuke plant!
First, they have a piece of Hell's Fire they are playing with. Then, with no plans in place, all Hell's Fire breaks loose!
Sound real normal!
If you are a retard....

Anonymous said...

The plant in reference in this article is 10km away from Daiichi. The plant is known as Fukishima II. That is the point here is that another independent reactor has had "issues" and just now they are reporting that radiation has been release in the basement in the form of contaminated waster.

Nothing TEPCO says is true. Like the Chernobyl accident, they will continue to lie about the severity of this disaster for all time.

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