Tuesday, June 7, 2011

("Now They Tell Us" Series) #Radiation in Tokyo: 2.7 Microsieverts/Hr Air Radiation Inside Sewage Treatment Facility in Ota-ku, Tokyo

2.7 microsieverts per hour air radiation level is the highest ever detected in Tokyo so far, and almost the same air radiation level as Iitate-mura in Fukushima Prefecture, which is designated as "planned evacuation zone".

So, what is the excuse by the Tokyo Metropolitan government for withholding this information? "It was detected inside the building. The radiation was no problem at the perimeter of the facility."

It's not even a good excuse.

From Yomiuri Shinbun (2:33PM JST 6/8/2011):


The survey by the Tokyo Metropolitan government revealed that the 2.7 microsieverts/hour radiation was detected in the air inside the sewage treatment facility in Ota-ku, Tokyo.

 計画的避難区域の福島県飯舘村の放射線量と同程度で、文部科学省によると、都内でこれほどの放射線量が検出されたのは 初めて。放射性物質を含む汚泥の影響とみられるが、都は「検出場所は屋内。敷地の境界では問題なく、誤解を招く恐れがある」とし、調査結果を公表していな かった。

The radiation level is almost the same as in Iitate-mura in Fukushima Prefecture which is designated as "planned evacuation zone". According to the Ministry of Education and Science, it is the highest air radiation level ever detected in Tokyo. The radiation is considered to have come from the radioactive sewage sludge, but the Tokyo Metropolitan government didn't disclose the survey result, because "it was detected inside the facility. There was no problem on the facility's perimeter, and it would have caused confusion if we had disclosed the result."

 都によると、この施設は都下水道局の「南部スラッジプラント」で、都内2か所の下水処理場で発生した汚泥を集めて焼却し、灰を東京湾に埋め立てる などしている。都の5月の調査では、この施設の焼却灰から1キロ・グラム当たり1万540ベクレルの放射性セシウムを検出していた。

According to the Tokyo Metropolitan government, the facility is "Nanbu [Southern] Sludge Plant", which collects sewage sludge from two sewage treatment centers in Tokyo and burn it, and bury the ashes in the landfill on the Tokyo Bay. In the government survey in May, 10,540 becquerels/kilogram of radioactive cesium was detected from the slag from this plant.

As this blog posted back in May, "Tobu [Eastern] Sludge Plant" in Koto-ku had 170,000 becquerels per kilogram of radioactive cesium in the slag, which had already been sold as cement material. I hate to think how high their air radiation level was inside the plant.


netudiant said...

The MSM are beginning to take note.
The issue is also on the front page of the English version of Asahi Shimbun here:
Clearly sewage provides the most comprehensive indicator of the actual environmental contamination level. In earlier discussions on this topic, it became clear that two thirds of the radioactivity in the sludge is re emitted when the sludge is burned. So the problem spreads.
The scale of the problem is such however that it will be simpler to just raise the legal limits. Japan cannot afford to redo its landscape in the manner that would be required to keep the sewage clean.

Anonymous said...

One of my major concerns has been groundwater radiation from Daiichi. Gunderson said he'd inquired and found that groundwater easily infiltrates sewage treatment facilities.

How else could the sludge be contaminated. It seems that Tokyo / Kanto are linked to the groundwater mechanisms of Fukushima. Everyone focuses on the airborne radiation or the ocean dumping, but it's hard to believe the 'feed/bleed' is not contaminating ground water on a scale never seen on our planet before; and may be the hidden catastrophe-in-the-making.

If anyone knows more or to the contrary, please reply.

Anonymous said...

Burnt toast, everyone is becoming burnt toast!

The media is parroting what lies the governments and TEPCO are feeding them. The media will be the main killer of millions of innocent, trusting fools.

The easiest person to fool, is the one that wants to be fooled. Extinction-level events are now underway in Japan.

As the contamination bombards the inside of each person, each death will be long and painful. But, you did get to watch your 52" flat screen! Also, shareholders of nuclear power have enjoyed their profits up to now.....

Anonymous said...

what about the rabbit born without ears because of radiation damage? why is there no news of this?

Anonymous said...

Another nice day for the planet. We need not worry though. Perhaps the crafty Japanese can absorb the radiation and become Transformers. That would in turn wipe out the need for summer vacations or something. I suppose the all-wise Global Elite would be thrilled.

Anonymous said...

Japan has truly poisoned the northern hemisphere with deadly radioactive particles.

Anonymous said...

back an aircraft carrier up to the site and lasso each of the reactor vessels in turn with the anchor chain and pull them all into the sea, deep enough to keep the rods cool. set up a remote desert island with a robotic dismemberment installation where the vessels can be cut open and the rods removed and spread out where they can temporarily remain safely. the remote island might have a central sea water bay to bring them to. not very good for the ocean, but better than the no-progress situation that has now gone on for months. tom l, retired structural engineer and naval architect. this has gotta be better than doing nothing, look what is at stake.

Anonymous said...

can't we just "bulldoze the site/reactors into the sea." We are transferring the problem into the ocean(not good), but the cooling will be permanent.

Anonymous said...

Oh, it was a bit late when I/Anon posted. Of course, radioactive rain falling on the Tokyo area is a source. I was expressing my longstanding concern that ground water is being massively contaminated in Fukushima, that such may affect regions to its south, and my desire to read analysis of this scenario.

Masher1 said...

Sheesh, What part of MELTDOWN is everyone not getting? No rods in the vessel. A huge mass of Corium is working it's way down to enough ground water to really get the rad meters pegging. Even with bunker buster bombs filled with boric salt the plumes of radioactive gases will continue to be released from the site. Nobody will ever see the many thousands of tons of new and spent fuel currently burning under those reactors again.

Eventually The entire island of japan will need to be abandoned. The possibility of even wider evacuations than just the mainland is very real.

In meltdown terms this is still very early times for this sort of event.

Chernobyl was put out. Fukushima is STILL burning and not one human has a plan to put out the nuclear blaze underneath the site. How much of the cores and spent fuel is involved is obvious folks.... ALL OF IT IS! Wake up.

This event is the absolute top of the pile of screw ups humankind has ever been involved and this one is not even close to being dealt with.

The men who built all the 400 plus nuclear plants KNEW eventually a Gargantuan mess was going to happen... All the proof is in the plant layout and locations. Knew 100% without doubt everyone of them.

This event is going to shake the entire planet in time and putting a stop to the other 400 ticking time bombs the world round WILL BE A RESULT.

Better get used to doing with out all the energy waste you currently bathe. Billions of folks all over the world are in peril because of blatant energy consumption without regard to the risk and costs.

I demand everyone get there thinking caps on and collaborate on ANY solutions to slow the release of radioactive matter from this site and stop bobbing in the pool of hopes and dreams of happy happy joy joy land.

Our collective fate is chained to this problem and glaring at the TEPCO bobble heads is doing nothing at all... Real international cooperation is going to be necessary if the fire is going to be put out.

Anonymous said...

Which do u prefer all out WW3 Nuke war or a slow quiet kill that leaves infrastructure intact? China will have its pound of flesh for the Global credit fiasco by the Feds. China now owns USA and most of Europe this is the deal that Lil Timmy struck on behalf of the American public. Now please have the good grace to pay off all ur bills taxes and mortgages before u perish- thank u n gnite

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

"back an aircraft carrier up to the site and lasso each of the reactor vessels in turn with the anchor chain and pull them all into the sea, deep enough to keep the rods cool. l, retired structural engineer and naval architect. this has gotta be better than doing nothing, look what is at stake....."

Let me get this straight you are a architect and and structural engineer who states the above?

But you don't even thing about that fact that the idea is complete IDIOCY!
Drag the reactor vessels in to the ocean with a aircraft carrier Ohh brother!

You obviously didn't pay attention in school.

Anonymous said...

I have a better idea : Lets all go and have a wild evening with lots lots lots of pints of beer, then jump onto an aircraft carrier which will carry or drag us to the damaged site. There we'll piss our brains out straight onto the vessels, the damaged fuel, the cores and the diplomas of the geniuses that built the damned thing. This should fix the problem

Anonymous said...

Why worry. Our leaders call themselves illuminated. What a better opportunity than this one to really light up ? One by one the psychopathic bankers and corporate managers can have their take on this miracle of science. I'll be there to clap my hands, that's for sure

Anonymous said...

When the use of language is distorted you can be sure you're living in an age of tyranny. Radiation equals safety, gutting out nation states and their economy equals progress, war equals peace, looting equals structural adjustments, obedience to oligarchy equals democratic action and psychopathic satanists equal illuminated individuals. Like Caligula you shall perish because you are filth and even God despises you

Anonymous said...

i am perfectly serious about the plan to remove these reactor vessels from a heavily populated island(with thousands of years of history and tradition at stake) where the longer they are there, the greater liability they pose. at least if they were on a remote uninhabited island, a solution could be planned and executed well away from population centers. as to who i am, anonymous i shall remain, but i will note that uc berkeley was where i studied both structural engineering and NAVAL architecture. i spent my career in large design offices among 500 and more engineers where i was the main concept and preliminary design person. you did not explain why my plan is complete idiocy, and you did not provide your plan as an alternative.

Masher1 said...

?Anon? Why? So as to avoid folks pointing and laughing hysterically? Or perhaps you might be fired for retardation? Aircraft carrier? What lunacy. It will remain a retarded plan as long as it is coming from a anon.

Anonymous said...

the operation would be planned using facilities set up on the deck(self contained) of a nimitz or like displacement(100,000 long tons) air craft carrier. special equipment would include large cranes, sikorsky type heavy load capacity helicopters, a heavy explosives facility for the clearing of the waterfront in preparation for the positioning of the carrier in the most advantageous position(maximum draft of approximately 40 feet). lots of other specialized facilities would be found necessary if such a plan were to be executed, and half the deck might be put into use. support facilities on land would be large bulldozers and cranes to position the anchor chain.
the waterfront would be cleared without regard to anything else but allowing the plant to supply cooling to the reactors until they can be dragged into the sea. this waterfront clearing may use all possible explosives(bunker busters?) to clear the way for the carrier to achieve the most advantageous position. it should be the frame of mind that the aircraft carrier in this plan would be expendable if necessary, but not a single human.
just a suggestion, anybody got other ideas? we aint done nothing yet, lets get thinking.

Anonymous said...

follow up stuff. to form a mental picture of the aircraft carrier operation, use this site


for lots of related sites, go to


a couple of things, the carrier should be stern to the sea, rather than bow to the sea as i originally suggested. also, as might be the case that in some of the reactor vessels, the rods have burned through the steel vessel, and are going "china syndrome" (jane fonda movie), remotely controlled? heavy shovels from the mining industry should be on hand to scoop the smoldering mess and deliver it to the carrier, like this.


now, people, please, lets hear some suggestions.

Anonymous said...

woops, easier websites



Anonymous said...

Robbie001 sez:

"anybody got other ideas"?

Yeah stop making ludicrous suggestions we aren't writing a crappy straight to TV SciFi adventure. Nuclear power plants are some of the most hardened structures on the planet and they aren't designed to be towed. It doesn't matter how heavy or powerful an aircraft carrier is it isn't designed to tow immovable objects anchored solidly to land (nothing is). They don't even know where or what the fuel is doing and they can't erect pup tents over the mess or control the leaks and you expect them to pull off some impossible Saturday afternoon SciFi MacGyver/MacGruber BS?!?! The US isn't going to offer to take over and Japan isn't going to let them. Any help the world has offered has been heavily controlled by Japanese officials or outright refused.

Look some of the brightest minds on the planet are stymied so sit back and enjoy the ride. If there was a workable solution for major nuclear accidents they wouldn't be such a game stopper. I don't want to discourage people from making suggestions but you might as well suggest we build a giant rocket around the facility and shoot it to the sun.

You aren't Jim Stone freelance reporter are you? If not maybe you could find a sympathetic ear over at his lame conspiracy website.

Anonymous said...

a quick couple of estimates.

breaking strength of nimitz class anchor chain, around 1000 tons. if necessary 2 or 4 chains could be used, but i doubt that it would be necessary.

weight of entire unit (one of the six entire reactor installations including the concrete surround structure and its base, estimate about 3000 tons each. peanuts compared to a nimitz class carrier. anchored, (immovable) solidly to land just is not a factor. however, it may be advisable to rip off the upper portion of the concrete structure before towing to sea. good job for the mining shovel.

approximate scoop capacity of a very large strip mining shovel bucket is 80 cubic yards, a cube about 13 feet on each side.

these numbers show that the brute force is there to do the job.

recommended experts to collect for the job include navy personnel, explosives experts, strip mining operators and experts, heavy equipment operators and experts, helicopter personnel, etc etc etc.

since all nations are effected by this incident, recommend internationally provided resources.

Anonymous said...

Again, no one from UC Berkley would ever say anything so ludicrous!

If you did posses a degree you'd find out that the last thing you would want is to DRAG NUCLEAR FUEL AROUND! You still continue to suggest idea that could cause "prompt criticalities" from friction and pressure. Ending with more spreading of nuclear waste and debris!

Next if you had any idea of how the constructed the concrete supports they handle much higher strengths of 1000lb/sq^2in. Those Aircraft carrier chains don't have a chance nor does your whole idea...:/

This is why they don't allow just any one to mess with nuclear materials. People like you who "Think" they have an education would kill millions by using stupid ideas like this!

Anonymous said...

i have no special training in the nuclear field. my exposure to nuclear equipment and people has been incidental, worked as a student up in the lawrence berkeley rad lab cafeteria, and had exposure to nuke personnel(up the hill on hearst past corey hall on cyclotron way to the restaurant). also, always made my passage through the reactor tunnel on ssn and ssbn submarines as quickly i could.
so, what i can say is that if people with a good understanding can say that for nuclear reasons that this plan is too dangerous, and that we should continue to fidget and fuss without doing anything, then so be it.
some people have a hard time thinking outside the box(anal retentive?). for me, there has never even been a box, and that is why i was so successful in concept creation and development in my occupation, in developing concepts not far afield from that proposed here.
we need to put forth ideas until the people who tell us why it will not work finally have to agree that it probably will work. expertise in several critical fields will be needed.
what i can say is that my plan does provide a brute force concept that will work barring unknown nuclear dangers.
get the damn reactors off the main island of japan and onto a remote place. how about the marianas trench. the bathyscaphe trieste went down there, 36,000 feet down, and in a spot where the ocean bottom is swallowing the ocean bottom very slowly. probably not environmentally sound idea though, but better than doing nothing.
people need exposure to things that make them think big(watching television/computer screens on all your free time will never bring you out of your cocoon). i remember too well coming back from antarctica on the uss glacier coming north from an island west of drakes passage that we went through a storm of well over 100 knot winds and sea swells of over 100 feet and the ship rolling nearly 90 degrees to port and to starboard, with wind blown ice crashing against the ship, this is the kind of experience that makes you think big, not a tv or computer screen.
lets proceed with the task, batting down difficulties as they emerge, nothing is impossible, and no object is immovable.

i know that i got carried away here, but reaction to my concept has been negative, but without anything to sink teeth into. i mean, what does it mean "drag nuclear fuel around...could cause prompt criticalities from friction and pressure? i am simply talking about dragging the problem into the ocean where it will be cooled and off the main island of japan. what is done with it then is another matter. nothing i know tells me that the dragging process will be risky beyond the obvious.

Anonymous said...

To put the dust under the carpet or uncap the melting pot is not a solution when there is between 2400 and 3400 tons of combustibles and more than 30 tons of plutonium on the site.

For comparison there was 30 tons of combustible involved at Three Miles Island and 180tons at Tchernobyl.

More, the ocean is not a carpet and contamination will spread around the world. You want to dilute 30 tons of plutonium (etc) into the sea when one half kilo is enough to kill us all ? You don't like fish ??

Path to hell is paved with tons of good ideas like yours.

Just hang yourself with a nimitz class carrier anchor and save the world please.

Anonymous said...


continue as present operations, unchanged

initiate nimitz carrier option as described originally to remote island

initiate nimitz carrier option to marianas trench. do not know what would happen to fuel rods at 36000 feet(16000 psi). obviously full water contact would be present. would radioactive effluents be stemmed? would plunging reactor units self burry? how would this compare to chirnobyl ?

new option. bring in floating dry dock(s) sunk at dockside with door open to receive reactor units when dragged in. then close door, with enough water in dock to keep unit(s) cool, and proceed to remote island for processing.

correction. on trip back from antarctica on uss glacier(icebreaker) the island visited (bouvet island) is way east(not west) of drakes passage. the purpose was to take some soundings, and it is easy to understand why nobody had taken them before. the seas tossed the glacier (8500 tons)around like a feather. the point being, even apparently massive structures can be moved if the forces are huge.

just a note, i did some work on trieste when it was in san diego, fond memory.

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