Saturday, June 11, 2011

#Fukushima I Nuke Plant Reactor 3 Gamma Camera Photos

Compared to the Reactor 1 gamma camera photos, the numbers for the Reactor 3 are markedly higher. Measurement unit is not noted in the photos, but if it is the same as those for the Reactor 1, it is counts per second (cps).

The location 2 is right below the Spent Fuel Pool, I've been informed.

Location 1 (near the Large Machine Hatch, south side):

Location 2 (west side, below the Spent Fuel Pool):


Anonymous said...

You'll note they're getting gamma counts on vertical surfaces

and airborne particles

This video is to be seen,

Assuming it is in no way time-lapsed, !!

Camera probably has limited sensitivity to infrared as well as visible.

Anonymous said...

You know all that 'noise' in the live fukushima cam? Probably gamma radiation triggering pixels in the image sensors. Eventually , if the radiation level gets high enough , you won't be able to see anything it'll just be pure white static.
Looks like tons of radioactive smoke or steam issuing from the reactor in the background.
Or maybe that's the fuel pool burning away..pouring radiation into the atmosphere.
Last map I saw showed over 400 bequerals/square meter covering all of North America for the past two months at least.
I'd be surprised if I *didn't* Have a fair amount of Alpha emitters in my body, Iodine, Cesium, perhaps some plutonium in my lungs and I'm in the south eastern USA.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 7:40.

Tons of steam, smoke would be visible during daytime.
You will note in the pictures TEPCO releases of the buildings' interior they take care to not photograph steam release locations. Only the 4S hole.

Iodine maps for the U.S. cover the entire nation.

Some, some of the noise from the cam is from the heat being released, the corium is hot and air is turbulent above buildings.

Other than the explosion videos the video is best confirmation yet.
TEPCO execs deserve NOTHING other than prosecution for sitting on their asses and allowing that mess to evolve unchecked.

TEPCO's very bad joke on concept of chinese 'mandate'.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 7:40,

on second thought the 'noise' visible looks to stay in place above site, might be ionization of air molecules by gamma?

Infrared sensitivity of cam does show quite well the energies being released.

Anonymous said...

they are using terms like sieverts and bequerals to make it seem like it's not that much why don't they use the term rads.that would open some eyes.

Bruce Hayden said...

I agree that the TEPCO clowns should be prosecuted
and then executed. If they weren't such greedy cowards they would all have fallen on the sword by now. They have blatantly lied and deceived the entire world throughout. Millions of people will die early miserable deaths because
these assholes sat on their hands wondering what to do. After the first month experts from around the world should have forcefully taken control of the situation. Especially Russia who has experience with this. Of course the US is complicit in the cover-up by not monitoring the
radioactive matter in the US and lying about the figures. We expect that out of our government though. If they told the truth about something instead of fairy tales we would all die of shock. I have no doubt the US government and electrical company will act just like the Japanese when we have our next nuclear crisis.
We need to cull the herd that is trying to cull us!

Masher1 said...

How much of a chance is there of two different places in those plants having the almost identical gamma overlay? In this post the two images of the colored pixels are almost identical over two different photos. Same as the other post of the #1 reactor.

Looks like a deception.

Anonymous said...

Its not TEPCO fault, its G.E./ Nuclear Divisions fault with 3 Engineers, who resigned in 1970's telling of 1 breech in cooling Mechanism of BWR Nuclear Reactor G.E. Design, would result in a catastrophic failure which would lead to an ultra meltdown and beyond. G.E. should be sued the hell out of.

Bruce Hayden said...

And TEPCO bought those plants! Had the Japanese not heard of this? They are a pretty smart people
so did not their engineers figure out the faults
in the reactors before they bought them? Most likely not; probably just another corporate deal
that no one has the balls to try and override. I hate G.E. too so don't get me wrong here about their incompetence. The lying is what upsets me.
Three reactors in a worse than full meltdown of the cores of three reactors (one wixed with recycled plutonium) in the first few days. TEPCO's approach was primitive and slow. And the despicable lying that just goes on and on. As long as it's about money instead of LIFE nothing will change.

tom leech said...

a plan
clear the waterfront right up to the outboard edge of the reactor units with buried explosives and heavy equipment to a depth adequate to accommodate a large floating dry dock with approximately 15 to 20 feet of water in the dock. position a nimmitz class carrier (100,000 long tons displacement) just outboard of the dry dock. uning 0ne or more of the carrier's anchor chains (1000 tons breaking strength) passing through the length of the drydock and wrapped around a reactor unit, tow each reactor into the dry dock. a large battleship sized dock would accommodate all reactor units. with enough water in the dock to keep the reactor units cool, tow the dry dock to a remote island pre equipped with remotely controlled equipment to dismember (preferably submerged) the reactor units and spread out the rods.

note that this is a summary of a plan that i posted on another blog

Anonymous said...

Its taken Japan a long time to admit that there was a nuclear explosion in the fuel pool.

Anonymous said...

Tom Leech:

The idea here is not to kill too many workers, or start more criticalities.
The spatial arrangment of spent rods and molten corium is such, that if disturbed that there is the possibility of several nuclear explosions.

This is, of course, not mentioned in the press.

Imagine if it were known that there could be a 50k explosion, releasing 100's of tonnes of fissile waste into the air?

tom leech said...

i have no way of evaluating the possibility of a nuclear explosion since i do not have nuclear training, and the information that is known is filtered, but, from what i can gather, the most dangerous emanations from the plant have been airborne particles and ground and sea water contamination. if the plant could be submerged in sea water, i would expect the airborne particle contamination to be greatly reduced. has anybody considered the use of hydraulic (placer) mining equipment to remove all soil obstructions from around the plant and then to undermine the plant and/or to float it away down the slope into the sea using hydraulic mining equipment? i am trying to choose options which would not trigger an explosion. possibly a combination of hydraulic mining equipment and nimitz class carrier option to grease the skids as the units are pulled into the floating dry dock where they would remain submerged in sea water. it has been three months now, and s.f. bay area has had measurable particle contamination, and as far as we know from what you say, there is a possibility of a nuclear explosion. i suppose we must pick the best of many very bad options.

tom leech said...

a fleet of large fire boats comes to mind to provide the same result as hydraulic mining equipment.

tom leech said...

in any case, a fleet of large fire boats(waterborne firetrucks) might be used both to supply hydraulic mining-like water streams and cooling during movement of the plants into seawater. one might say that such operations would cause loss of the delicate control we now have, but can those same people tell us where this delicate control is leading?
alternatively, the plan of those in control should be made public, if there is a plan.

Anonymous said...

Robbie001 sez:

@ Bruce Hayden

TEPCO and Toshiba were well aware of the faults in their nuclear program they had some whistleblowers too. One of them was Masashi Goto he also resigned his position over safety issues.

"Masashi Goto, the designer of the containment vessel at the Fukushima plant, a former employee of Toshiba, held a press conference on 13 March with the Citizens' Nuclear Information Center in which he catalogued how the industry in Japan had been warned about the vulnerability of its reactors to earthquakes and ignored the warnings.

He said that the intensity of the quake in 2008 which cracked the reactor cooling towers at the Kurihara Nuclear Power Plant, spilling wastewater and damaging the reactor core, exceeded the design capability of the vessel to withstand it by almost three times, and that the only reason why a major disaster did not happen on that occasion was pure coincidence."

Fukushima owners failed to follow emergency manual - report

"Dr Masashi Goto, a nuclear engineer, resigned from his job at the Toshiba Corporation over safety concerns".

"Archive link for March 25 CNIC press conference at the Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan Analysis with English interpretation of the current situation by Dr Masashi Goto (former Toshiba nuclear engineer) and Dr Hisako Sakiyama (medical doctor and radiation expert)"

@ Tom Leech

Didn't you hear? They are going to build a giant spaceship around the facility and then they are going to shoot it to the sun.

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

They want to build a nuclear plant deep underground.

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