Tuesday, June 7, 2011

#Fukushima II (Not I) Nuke Plant Wants to Dump 3,000 Tons of Water into the Ocean

Did you even know that there was water in the basement of Fukushima II ("Daini")? And that water needs to be treated to remove the radioactive materials?

TEPCO fears that the power supply equipments in the basements may degrade from the salt water from tsunami, but if they have been sitting in the salt water for nearly 3 months, they are practically worthless, I would assume.

Again, a brilliant design by GE, having the power supply in the basement in a nuclear power plant right by the ocean in an earthquake/tsunami-prone country.

From Japan's TBS News (10:58PM JST 6/7/2011; the link will probably be changed or disappear soon, as is often the case with the TV broadcasters):


It has been revealed that TEPCO wants to release about 3,000 tons of water in the reactor buildings [and turbine buildings, according to the news clip at the site] of Fukushima II Nuclear Power Plant. However, fearing the negative effect on marine products, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries is strongly against the plan, making the negotiations between TEPCO and the Ministry difficult.


The reactors at Fukushima II Nuke Plant are in "cold shutdown". But the tsunami after the March 11 earthquake inundated the reactor buildings and the turbine buildings. TEPCO planned the release of this large amount of water into the ocean, and has been negotiating with the government officials.


This salt water is estimated to be about 3,000 tons. Since it has been sitting in the basements for long time now, the power supply equipments in the basements may degrade


TEPCO says it will remove the radioactive materials in the water to the level lower than allowed by law before releasing it into the ocean. But the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries is strongly against the plan, fearing the effect on the marine products.


netudiant said...

Classic bureaucratic thinking.
No upside to approval, so deny.
Now that TEPCOs chairman has resigned as an adviser to the BoJ, the signs are clear that TEPCO is in disgrace,
so nothing that is not mandated by law is granted.

JP said...

We now know that the fuel had melted down within 4 hours at Fukushima 1, we also know that an exclusion zone was declared around FUK 2.

I was wondering if there may have been a partial meltdown at Fukushima 2. Fuel damage perhaps even A Three Mile Island level thing. This is the first thing I've seen mentioned about it since they removed its exclusion zone. I don't know if that silence is because we know everything is OK or if the FUK 1 mess has drowned out interest.

steve the jew said...

it's funny how the ministry of ag/forest/fish doesn't believe a single word spewing from tepco's lying mouths.

Anonymous said...

Ummmm....Why is the water in turbine halls/reactor basements at Fukushima II radioactive? I wasn't aware of any releases there. Is this seepage via groundwater from Fuku I?

Anonymous said...

GE did not do the site design. Therefore they have no blame for the gross stupidity that attended the location of the Emergency Diesel Generators, the controllers, the cooling water pumps, the steam valve that failed shut during a power outage and all of the rest of the crap that was wrong with Fukushima including the horribly low sea walls.

Fubr Wtcher said...

Re.: "Is this seepage via groundwater from Fuku I?"

No, it's almost certainly another source...but what? It would be good to see quantification of radioactivity levels, isotopes, but there's been lots of reflexive/strategic secrecy.

Oops said...

What seems like long ago, there were some vague reports about problems at this plant, and the, of course, silence on the matter. This new disclosure doesn't surprise me, and I wonder about some of the other plants that have popped up a couple of times in news reports.

How many plants exactly are still having problems????

Nigel W. said...

IIndeed, HOW COME the water in the basements is so radioactive that they have to treat it before they release it?

And how come its sea water?

If the reactors themselves were leaking then I would expect the event would trend towards Fuk 1′s condition fairly promptly.

A more likely source is one or more spent fuel pools, since they are full of radioactive water, and probably now cracked by the earthquake, and apparently being cooled with sea water!!!!!

3000 tonnes accumulated (unnoticed, apparently, which seems strange?) over the last 84 days works out to be 35 tonnes a day, equals about 25 litres a minute. Thats a decent leak.

Ooh darn!

Anonymous said...

March 30, 2011

The company said smoke was detected in the turbine building of reactor No. 1 at the Fukushima Daini nuclear power plant around 6 p.m. (5 a.m. ET).


Japanese authorities also detected cooling-system problems at the Fukushima Daini plant, and those living within a 10-kilometer radius (6 miles) of Fukushima Daini were ordered to evacuate as a precaution.


Anonymous said...

12 March 2011

At Fukushima Daiini unit 3 one worker received a radiation dose of 106 mSv. This is a notable dose, but comparable to levels deemed acceptable in emergency situations by some national nuclear safety regulators.


Anonymous said...

Allowable levels of radiation? What a bunch of idiots. Who's allowing it? The same people that caused the problem!

That's like a thief stealing your money then, telling you that it "safe" to put more money into his pocket this time, because it's "under the allowable limit" of $1000! No money is safe to give a thief, DUH!

Mark said...

For a comprehensive outline on what is going on check out http://jimstonefreelance.com/fukushima.html

Anonymous said...

Robbie001 sez: (actually has to keep saying)

@ Mark

Jim "Stoned" is in the tin foil hat club. I have already refuted his poorly crafted supposition in past posts starting here.


There are no factual revelation on his disinformation site. The 9.0 earthquake wasn't under land it was 50 miles out to sea. "Stoned" makes ludicrous claims without a shred of evidence. He claims Israel is punishing Japan because of their offer of enrichment for Iran but he ignores that this plan had US backing. The world wanted Iran's current enrichment program closed down and put under watch by a "gold star" IAEA member. Iran's nuclear program has been around since the 1950's after the 1979 revolution the program started working on self sufficiency. By the 1990's Russia was cashing in on helping Iran develop its future nuclear ambitions.


"The (enrichment) offer was made, with US backing, in December during a Tokyo visit by Iran's top nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalili, the Nikkei business daily has reported, although Japan's government has not yet confirmed the plan."

In the same article Russia and France are offering the same service with IAEA blessing but Iran doesn't need it. Why aren't Russia and France staggering under Israel's attacks along with the US?

"Iran has so far failed to take up an IAEA offer under which Russia would enrich its uranium and France would process it. Tehran this month said it had begun enriching uranium itself to a higher level."


Jim Stoned couldn't be more wrong if he tried. I could fill a blog twice the size of his on why he is so wrong but so could anyone with medium intelligence and a Internet connection. Another example of his "duhductive" reasoning is he can't accept that the BSP camera weights "over 1000 lbs" so it must be an A-bomb. Of course the more probable explanation is counterweight stabilization in conjunction with gyroscopic camera positioning is one of the factors in image quality found in many high end movement tracking perimeter cameras. There is no reason to think the BSP system works otherwise. I can't find any detailed specification on the camera so I'm not sure where he is getting his information.




The original 1930's radio airing of "The War of the Worlds" caused an outright panic because people didn't look elsewhere on the dial for information Jim Stoned is taking advantage of this human phenomena.


Anonymous said...

back an aircraft carrier up to the site, lasso each of the reactor vessels in turn with the anchor chain, and pull them all into the sea. take them deep enough that water will cool down the rods. take them to a pre arranged robotically controlled dismemberment remote island, and spread the rods out so that they are no longer a problem.
not good, but better than present no progress situation.

Anonymous said...

Radioactive water from the Fukushima reactors could be stored in supertankers that could be anchored in a sheltered bay.

Anonymous said...

Robbie, that was a pretty cool post. I think the Jim Stoned article is part of the whole 'web bots' conspiracy to prove the web bots right , remember their prediction of a radioactive cloud over the earth that was 'Israel's mistake in bombing an underground installation in Iran'.
Apparently, it was GE's mistake.
Course, that they got a 'hit' at all is somewhat disturbing, but whatever.
This article does raise the disturbing question if Fukushima I is suffering the same kind of problems that Fukushima II is and we're not being told. Another meltdown situation?
Terrifying. We have 3 if not 4 meltdowns at Fukushima II and what appears to be at least one fuel pool full of MOX fuel blown to smithereens and distributed over the earth.
We're in some deep doo doo now.

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