Tuesday, July 19, 2011

240 Children in 3 Nursery Schools in Yamagata Prefecture Ate Cesium Beef

This must be the first confirmed case of small children having been fed with the beef contaminated with radioactive cesium.

These small children ate beef from a meat cow in Asakawa-machi in Fukushima Prefecture, and the cow had been fed with the rice hay that contained the maximum 97,000 becuerels/kg of radioactive cesium.

Yamagata Shinbun (7/20/2011) reports:


Concerning the beef from the cows from Asakawa-machi in Fukushima Prefecture that were fed with the rice hay that contained the high level of radioactive cesium, Sakata City (in Yamagata Prefecture) announced on July 19 that 3 nursery schools in the city purchased the beef in late April, and total 290 children and teachers ate the meat in school lunches.


According to Sakata City, the three nursery schools purchased the meat from the same food grocer in the city. The meat was cooked into "hashed beef" dish and served as lunch. 240 children and 50 teachers and administrators ate 20 to 40 grams per person.


The food grocer alerted the nursery schools [after the news of contaminated rice hay in Asakawa-machi broke]. Sakata City traced the history of the meat, and confirmed that the meat that was delivered to the three nursery schools came from the Yokohama City Central Wholesale Meat Market, and the cow had come from Asakawa-machi in Fukushima Prefecture.


The city notified the parents of children at these nursery schools on July 19, and decided not to use beef in school lunches until the safety is assured.


The food safety division of the Yamagata prefectural government says "There is no way to test for radioactive materials in the beef that was served in the nursery schools, because there is no inventory left." But it also says, "It is not very likely that the meat from Asakawa-machi was highly contaminated. Even if you eat 40 grams of beef that contains radioactive cesium twice the national safety limit (of 500 becquerels/kg), it would be only 0.76 microsievert in human body. There is no need to worry excessively."

I hope parents in Yamagata remember their words. The meat can't even be tested and the Yamagata prefectural government tells these kids and parents there's no need to worry because there can't be much cesium in that meat.

By the way, the national government formally ban the shipment of cows out of Fukushima. That means the cattle farmers are now entitled to government (aka taxpayers-funded) compensation for lost business.

What would consumers who already ate the meat get? Some supermarkets say they will refund the purchase money.

Ah. Health and life are both cheap in Japan.


Anonymous said...

This is the beginning of the nightmare we all suspected was going to happen. And beef on the west coast of the USA are not out of the woods. The USA isn't even testing!

Anonymous said...

I've always read that the Japanese language permits their officials mastery of useless, manipulative statements to the public that make our American idiot politicians green with envy. Then I read this translation and I think I finally begin to see what they mean:
"It is not very likely that the meat from Asakawa-machi was highly contaminated. "

It's not VERY likely? It's likely but not VERY likely? And this happy optimism is based on...WHAT? That all the news releases regarding heavily contaminated beef we've read this past week just magically doesn't apply to the nursery school? And how about those parents who were prohibited from supplying their children box lunches and were instead told their children must eat what is served at the schools because 'eating together was part of their education'? I don't think I understand how cesium contributes to a child's education.

" There is no need to worry excessively." So is there need to worry? But we just shouldn't do so 'excessively'? And then if we worry at all - that's deemed 'excessive'?
It's horrible to watch this happen - it's like watching a candle burn down slowly - this march into the cesium cloud that Japan insists every 'good citizen' must perform without attempting to resist.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for the wonderful information job you're doing. 日本語が読めますけど、英語の方が読みやすい!
I appreciate that you mention the sources.

European medias stopped talking about Japan nuclear crisis: this silence is a shame and a crime.

It's obvious that a big part of the Japanese population will suffer severe health problems in the future.
Obvious too that what happened in Fukushima will end up happening in other countries soon...

Anonymous said...

Fucking cunts, the teachers and government needs shooting, exposing kids to radiation then saying not to worry.... disgusting...and the people who deny it all are worse.. this backward Japanese mentality will destroy us all

Anonymous said...

I will never thank you enough for the extraordinary job you are doing to spread the information ! I do not know who you are but I have TOTAL RESPECT for you. Thank you a million times.
PS I do my best to spread the info you give us, which is especially valuable because you always give the sources.

Viola said...

@ Ano 2:32 AM

This is not japanese mentality, it's global when it comes to nuclear. Germany conducted a study showing clear relations between rising numbers of children's lekaemia cases and proximity to nuclear power plants some years ago. Official statement: radiation as cause is to be ruled out, it can't be proven.

Anonymous said...

fuckkkk.... it will happen... get ready funeral parlors.... leukemia!!!!

netudiant said...

This is how revolutions begin, when people see that they and their children count for nothing.
I am saddened but not surprised by this. Chernobyl demonstrated that nuclear contamination is capricious, with some remote areas seriously hit while nearby sites remain clean. That mandates a comprehensive screening on a regional basis, something that Japan, with its touchy local jurisdictions is not very good at. Hopefully this debacle will open the door to a better surveillance.
Meanwhile, the kids are stuck with the consequences.
Afaik, there is no good way to flush the radioactive cesium from the system. Cesium is exchanged in about 10 weeks in an adult, but the residence time in kids is much longer, because the material gets incorporated in the growing tissues.

Anonymous said...

"This is the beginning of the nightmare we all suspected was going to happen. And beef on the west coast of the USA are not out of the woods. The USA isn't even testing!"

Do you think some of that Fuku-beef will end up .. in the U.S., literally?
Euphemistic 'leveraging of the risk'?

"So is there need to worry? But we just shouldn't do so 'excessively'?"

Yes, yes, you are to be on the receiving end of what's termed 'skullfucking'.

"Cesium is exchanged in about 10 weeks in an adult, but the residence time in kids is much longer, because the material gets incorporated in the growing tissues."
Don't worry, netudiant, as per your "This is nonsense. No one is going to sick soon."

"Soon" is to juggled in the moment, is it?

Infiltration by AIs into human-based social media is to be noted.

Anonymous said...

I think people aren't going to become "sick soon" either. One needs but to observe and admit that most people are "sick already". In the head, that is.

Anonymous said...

What a tragedy!!! The Japanese government chose not to do anything about it because of MONEY.
The U.S. does nothing because of MONEY.
The rest of the world does nothing because of MONEY.

Shame on ALL of them. They are ALL criminals.

This world belongs to the people, NOT CORPORATIONS.

They finally got what they wanted….DEPOPULATION through air, water, food, vaccines, fluoride, RADIATION.

Their depopulation program really exploded within the last 10 years and now it's too late to stop them.

To be honest, I don't think the group ruling our world is even human. (I mean this literally)

Good luck to us all.

Anonymous said...

Depopulation? The world has more humans now than it has ever had. Japan is near its peak population of something like 120 million people. Even if Busby's most dire prediction comes true, Japan will still have a massive population.

Anonymous said...

"On Wednesday, about 100 cattle farmers and meat distributors attended a briefing at the agriculture ministry.

Distributors noted that prices of beef other than that from Fukushima Prefecture are falling, and expressed concern that more and more consumers might start avoiding beef altogether.

They called for tougher inspections and other steps to eliminate consumer concerns.

An agriculture ministry official said they would consider such measures to convince consumers that domestic beef on the market is safe."

So nice of them to take the time to "consider" these things.


"Kyushu Electric Power Company President Toshio Manabe will resign to take responsibility for problems related to the utility's attempts to win local approval for restarting nuclear reactors.

.. The utility systematically instructed its employees and staff of affiliates to send emails in favor of resuming 2 idled reactors at the Genkai power plant."


Anonymous said...

"Japan exported 49.1 tons of beef in May, 50.6 tons in April and 58.6 tons in March, according to the farm ministry’s data."


Anonymous said...

I live in Japan (ho, stupid me) and this beef scandal is no surprise at all. My most immediate worry was exactly that the government and businesses would go on with business as usual after the disaster because that's all they know how to do, don't let any speed bumps get in the way. The vast population of dumb sheep don't know, don't want to know, couldn't discuss it if they tried, intelligently. I urged our local school to test the grounds for radiation abut the MD who is a volunteer and in charge of maintaining the lawn was against it because "we have to support the people in Fukushima."!

Can you grasp this? Me neither!

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me what actual harm cecium can cause? Q&A sheet published by Fukushima Medical University, supervised by notorious Prof. Yamashita, says that (my rough translation) "radioactive cecium 137 will go into muscles but not a single case of "muscle cancer" was found after the Chernobyl accident, and given the current amount of cecium 137 released after the Fukushima accident, I don't think there will be any problem." This remark is as of April 1. http://www.fmu.ac.jp/univ/shinsai_ver/pdf/faq_230501.pdf(Japanese only)

Is "muscle cancer" only potential harm cecium can cause?

Anonymous said...

"Can anyone tell me what actual harm cecium can cause?"

Short answer: Cesium is used like potassium, which is essential for cellular transport (look up "sodium potassium pump") and electric charging of cell membranes (look up "membrane potential"). Thus the radiation of cesium isotopes will mostly affect muscles and the nervous system.

A very broad range of effects can be expected, that are usually not considered to be caused by radiation: coronary heart disease, stroke, atherosclerosis, inflammatory deseases, autoimmune diseases, and neurodegenerative diseases.

A Model of Cardiovascular Disease Giving a Plausible Mechanism for the Effect of Fractionated Low-Dose Ionizing Radiation Exposure

Chernobyl - Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and the Environment (see pages 42 ff.)

Emerging Issues on Tritium and Low Energy Beta Emitters

Anonymous said...

"We show that following multiple small radiation doses .. will result in risk of atherosclerosis increasing approximately linearly with cumulative dose."

Heap on the environmental insults, live inside of the insult, and expect your world not to reflect .. insult?
Linear relations are usually crucial effects.


Emerging Issues on Tritium and Low Energy Beta Emitters

Anonymous said...

Childhood Leukaemia –
Mechanisms and Causes


Anonymous said...

"Can anyone tell me what actual harm cecium can cause?"/beta decays are harmless, aye?

".. in the body, the average energy deposited by a single tritium beta-decay is about 4-fold greater than the average energy deposited by a single track from Co-60 gamma-ray exposure."

"The relatively high ionization densities of low-energy electrons make them particularly efficient at generating double-strand breaks .. in DNA,"

Irradiate the fetus

- larger mean energy deposition by single tritium beta than from single track from Co-60
gamma (fewer cells or nuclei are hit by tritium, but they are hit harder)


Anonymous said...

Thank you anons for the information on cesium. I'm anon at July 20, 2011 7:13 PM. I'll read your links as much as I can.

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The teachers and government needs shooting, exposing kids to radiation then saying not to worry.... disgusting...and the people who deny it all are worse.. Thanks for the information on cesium.

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