Thursday, July 21, 2011

#Fukushima I Nuke Plant: Power Is Off, TEPCO Doesn't Yet Know Why

(UPDATE: OK It's back on again, but TEPCO still doesn't know what happened, according to their tweet at about 1:10PM their time on July 22. Looks like two power lines out of three that feed the plant went off. The contaminated water treatment system is still down.)

The contaminated water treatment system, which stopped on July 21 (again) when a worker shut off the water gauge of the tank that stores the treated water (what a strange design, shutting off the water gauge shuts down the entire system..), continues to stop because power is off at the plant.

According to NHK Japanese (9:16AM JST 7/22/2011) and Yomiuri Shinbun (11:05AM JST 7/22/2011):

  • Power to Reactor 3 and 4 was interrupted at about 7:10AM, due to the sudden power surge that tripped the circuit breaker at the temporary transformer. The cause for the sudden power surge is unknown.

  • The cooling of the Spent Fuel Pool of Reactor 3 has stopped. No discernible change in the pool water temperature so far (30 degrees Celsius).

  • Monitoring instruments for the reactor pressure are down.

  • The headquarter building at Fukushima I Nuke Plant is operating on a backup generator.

  • The cooling of the reactors and nitrogen gas injection continue uninterrupted, using the other power line.


jay said...

Not that complex ideas are entertaining at times but do you think TEPCO can irradiate more employees to see if the same stupid effect can be achieved repeatedly or is this just special training they have been given... Does TEPCO strive for blunders at the Monsanto level of catrastrophe such as agent orange, GMO food, PCB on parallel with BLUE glow in the dark Japanese people.
Edgar Cayce predicted Darwinism finds Japan nearly 70 years ago. It was that the greater portion of Japan must disappear into the ocean. Just repeat to yourselves, the Americans made use do it, the Americans made us do it.

Anonymous said...

TEPCO telling the truth about the situation? Don't believe it!

Confirmed liars DO NOT suddenly "see Jesus" and begin telling nothing but the truth! What a bunch of kidders!

TEPCO = The Energy Phonies Collusion Operation

Anonymous said...

Given the radiation being detected in North America is already dangerous, we can conclude that it is the end of life in Japan as the Japanese know it.

We can only assume that the Japanese wish to kill themselves, and everyone elese with them.

Anonymous said...

(cr here) (Thank you for your blog work!)

More like:
The Executive-Psychopath Collusion Organizations

want to irradiate the ordinary Japanese and everyone else (and, 'future generations')
as long as They get to keep their wealth and power (and, nuclear reactors)...

The public on the street anywhere certainly doesn't know what we know - and still would rather believe the orwellian "Lie/Deny" and, do not think there is any radiation to be concerned about in Japan, or N.America.

[Unfortunately for humanity, H5N1 Pandemic Alert and H1N1 Pandemic have also been given the Coverup treatment as 'policy', but govt/corporate propaganda machines have been hard at work on those issues for years.]

jay, I think TEPCO (and the promoters of nuclear power) already rate, "the Monsanto level of catastrophe" - not that the public has ever boycotted Monsanto out of business and executives into jail/repayment for cleanup/medical care.]

Maybe this time, the public will be able to get reality-based information faster than the bad guys can cover it up, and, be outraged enough to do something about it?

Anonymous said...

Japanese people can all die, as long as the reactors as saved.

Anonymous said...

i don't know why people have so much disrespect for japanese was f#@kin americans responsible for this plant....general electric...they should f#$king fix it....

im aussie

Anonymous said...

The reactors for Units 1, 2, and 6 were supplied by General Electric, those for Units 3 and 5 by Toshiba, and Unit 4 by Hitachi. All six reactors were designed by General Electric.

The leaders in Japan can be held as responsible as the companies. Japan averages 1,500 earthquakes a year. Brilliant idea to build nuclear plants!

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