Tuesday, July 19, 2011

OT: Dell Desktop Has Died on Me

Switching to the backup notebook (Toshiba) but slow and troublesome.. Unable to work for a long time for a post. Hoping to post toward the evening.


adam weston said...

Gambatte! Please keep writing! You have the best blog on this most important subject. I'm an every day reader (American living in Kagawa) and rely almost exclusively on your posts to know what's really going on in Japan. I haven't found any other source of really truthful news reporting. Your insightful and informative translations and commentary are very much appreciated! いつもありがとー!

Anonymous said...

A few alternatives to hold you out: http://enenews.com/discussion-thread-july-18-july-24-2011

Anonymous said...

PLEASE Gambatte !!!! we would be lost without you ! What can we do to help ? OK ! I will donate something today to support your fantastic activity. Please buy a new computer ! Message to all : let's help EX-SKF! Minnasan, sapo-to wo shimashyou !
from CinnaJap 

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