Friday, July 22, 2011

Melt-Through Simulation Created by Japan's METI Well Before #Fukushima

This animation was created by the Japan Nuclear Energy Safety Organization, a government corporation under the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (which regulates the nuclear industry), to train Senior Specialists for Nuclear Emergency Preparedness on the severe accident of loss of cooling, using a Mark-1 Boiling Water Reactor.

It was created before the Fukushima I Nuke Plant accident, though there is no information as to when it was created. (The Japan Nuclear Energy Safety Organization itself was created in 2003.)

The accident sequence in the animation:

  1. Control rods are inserted, and the reactor stops.

  2. A big pipe connected to the Reactor Pressure Vessel breaks, and all methods of cooling the reactor fails.

  3. Water starts to leak. Water level in the RPV gets low, exposing the fuel core.

That's exactly what happened at Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant.

They must have known all along that it was not even a meltdown but melt-through.

Core melts 30 minutes after the loss of coolant accident.

Corium drops to the bottom of the RPV after 1 hour of loss of coolant.

Corium melts through the 15-centimeter RPV bottom after 3 hours, drops to the concrete floor of the pedestal that supports the RPV.

Corium melts through the concrete floor of the pedestal and drops to the floor of the Containment Vessel.

Gas is generated by the corium melting the concrete, and the gas fills the Containment Vessel raising the pressure and the temperature.

Gas starts to leak at the franges of the Containment Vessel and fill the reactor building, necessitating the venting.

The animation has this reassuring message at the end:

"Even if it gets to the worst case scenario (that you've just seen), we are trying our best to learn and upgrade our skills in dealing with nuclear emergencies by training the nuclear emergency specialists, so that the residents near the nuclear power plants can feel safe and secure."

A Senior Specialists for Nuclear Emergency Preparedness is a METI (NISA) official stationed full-time in the area where a nuclear power plant is located.


Anonymous said...

Of course they knew. So did the NRC and France as well as GE. You don't buy such a high end expensive product like this without also obtaining a copy of GE's failure simulation software. Ask Arnie Gundersen. Ask anyone in the nuclear industry. They all knew it. THE PRESIDENT OF THE USA KNOWS THIS. You can bet he has been briefed. So much for the ObamaNation keeping us informed like he is informed. He should be impeached!

Anonymous said...

really great job. Very thanks from France.


i love the horseshit music... muzak for meltdowns.

Anonymous said...

Good music, almost makes a melt through an enjoyable exerience

Anonymous said...

It's easier for governments to let people die slowly than it is for them to control a panicked population.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

That doesn't show they must have known it was a melt-through, or anything like that.

It shows they knew a melt-through was possible, and that was one of the possibilities they'd planned for.

More likely they didn't know WTF was going on; They couldn't get close to the thing, some of their instruments were broken, and they didn't know which.

But when in doubt, they announced the least alarming of the possibilities.

Anonymous said...

@anon at 6:35
Yes they knew it. It has already been revealed that the government and TEPCO knew WTF was going on, right on the day of the accident. There are documents to prove that.

Anonymous said...

they need more human robots

RadioGuy said...

On March 16th when both the primary and secondary containment pressures in Reactor Unit 3 dropped to atmospheric pressure and remained there, the corium had left the building and they knew it. Simple Occam's razor. That was the easiest, most logical, the only explanation, in fact, so they chose faulty meter instead.

Anonymous said...

funeral parlors is a nice business... in japan !!!!

Frank said...

Anonymous said...

"they need more human robots" yes well they don't have to look very far for them , the whole society of Japan are human robots... brainwashed deluded and regimented... Radiation? doesn't compute over there... silly game shows, Ramen and dodgy porn are order of the day..

Shadowfax said...

I think they forgot the last part,where the corium does an "Elvis", (leaves the building )and melts thru the last cement floor into the ground water and blows up in a big superheated steam explosion.
Nice Donkey Kong music though!

CaptD said...

Great Visual

Suggest you also post a Radiation Counter that shows (total) amount of radiation that the Japanese are receiving!
Add your voice to:

Anonymous said...

"RadioGuy said...
On March 16th when both the primary and secondary containment pressures in Reactor Unit 3 dropped to atmospheric pressure and remained there, the corium had left the building and they knew it. Simple Occam's razor."

Escape path of corium steam isn't likely to have been confined to containment vessels, so they probably were able to sample gases. They knew. They were on top of it.
Their on-site inspectors fled the scene after the EARTHQUAKE based on the damage they witnessed before the tsunami.

".. regimented .. silly .."

PiF said...

thank you very much for the link, great information !

Anonymous said...

I appologize for spilling the truth beans over that the youtube videos comments. Stuxnet and the foreign security firm you know was a mistake NOW, so what are you going to do about it,,, keep playing their black handed game? Just because you were willing to help out a business partner that they have been targeting for decades,, you are all suffering the consequences, and the suffering is just barely starting. Your best way out from here is to drop their game plan and SPEAK UP. Like the rape victim that remains quiet,,, all the future rape victims by that one criminal are also on your head for remaining silent.

Anonymous said...

Those GE fuel rods in the reactor, some have defective spacers, per GE, which gives even LESS margin of error when cooling fuel rods. This affects GE14 and GE12 fuel bundles with Zircaloy spacers. This is the report, 2005. Note report only refers to USA plants, however Japan has at least one similar design.

The question to ask-was TEPCO aware, and were the spacers replaced or PROCESS revised? Either way, if GE12 or 14 fuel bundles are used, there is much less leaway when cooling fails!

JackieG said...

Nuclear Fuel Behaviour in
Loss-of-coolant Accident
(LOCA) Conditions
State-of-the-art Report

Anonymous said...

I like how they didn't predict the hydrogen explosion inside of the reactors. I mean, that was quite an explosion.. from hydrogen, right? Right through 8 feet of concrete, stripping these upgraded buildings to their rebar?

Instead, they properly displayed what would have happened to all of the steam (read hydrogen). It vents from the large pipes leading to the giant white towers next to the building, without the necessity for electricity.

Funny how they show the cores melting due to lack of coolant, which appears to be what happened.. but it came with a surprise, that "hydrogen" explosion!

Why is an Israeli security company (who installed these cameras) viewing what's going on in the reactors right before they explode?

Anonymous said...

Lack of coolant and the rods heat up igniting the zirconium cladding and any hydrogen gas in the pressure vessel, blewee, there goes the top on number three skyhigh with a buncha steam pressure to boost the effect like a boiler explosion. Now you got plutonium all over Daiichi and the best you could do is bury the whole mess under a mountain of sand and rock. No kidding, Japanese, you should just bury the whole fricking site. You will never build another power plant there, you will probably never go there, the groundwater is already finished, the best you could do is entomb that corium right where it is and stop the emissions destroying your Honshu. Oh, I know, you have tried to reason with Tepco, but you must understand that after WWII when you lost, the satanic Rockefelters or Robafellers took over, SONY stands for Standard Oil of New York, and GE the 666 Sigma corporation put this mess in your laps. So Tepco is in reality controlled by the satanic financiers who own your government and who have decided to wreak havoc with the goy nations, of which Japan is a prime example. How dare Japan finance its own debt? The Robafelters sure taught yall a spankin lesson with that HAARP, we saw the clouds before the quake, it's a sad setup. The question is does the Japanese people realize their only chance to limit total annihilation from this meltdown is to stop the releases? Yall will lose Tokyo if you do not entomb. The rest of the world is watching the Japanese a proud and smart nation do nothing to stop the releases from Fukushima. There is only one solution entombment and the time to act is NOW. Forget about Mickey Mouse and forget the bullet train. Get on er boys and girls. Bury that mess under a little mountain there in Daiichi.

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