Monday, July 18, 2011

Business as Usual for Nuke Industry as Hitachi-GE Won Negotiating Right with Lithuanian Government for Nuke Plant in the Country

As the cattle farmers despair over radioactive hay and cattle, and more locations found with very high radiation (hot spots and hot areas), the Japanese government plans to shrink the planned evacuation zone as it pushes a nuclear power plant in Lithuania.

The Hitachi-GE joint venture has won the right to negotiate with the Lithuanian government to build a nuclear power plant in the country, beating Toshiba/Westinghouse. Another successful government-industry joint effort to push super-large "infrastructure" projects in developing countries throughout the world.

Nuclear accident? What accident? Have you heard of a nuclear accident recently, which happened on Hitachi-GE reactors? Lithuanians?

Chief Cabinet Secretary Edano commented on the success of Hitachi-GE during the press conference on July 15 as follows (according to J-Cast News, 7/15/2011):


"Despite the Fukushima accident, the Japanese technology is still highly valued by other countries. It is very positive."

Asked about PM Kan's remark that the nuclear technology is an "uncontrollable technology", Edano said:

"I don't remember the context of his remark, so I cannot comment."

Edano, Kaieda (Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry) and Hosono (PM's assistant and Minister in charge of the Fukushima accident) have been very close these days as if they were identical triplets (just look at this great shot from NHK the other day; from left, Edano, Kaieda, Hosono), planning for the "stress test" for the nuclear power plants so that they can be re-started ASAP and seemingly going around the prime minister if not avoiding him.

The Mitsubishi-AREVA JV has won the right to negotiate with the Jordanian government for their first nuke plant in the country. Toshiba, who owns 100% of Westinghouse Electric, has been pushing for the Mongolian fuel processing plant.

Business as usual for the world's nuke industry.


Anonymous said...

Oh wake up Lithuanians. You know well the effects of the accidents at Chernobyl and now Fukushima. Do the world a big favor and tell GE-Toshiba to go fuck themselves.

Anonymous said...

capitalist pigs

Anonymous said...

How do these small countries afford to build the $10 billion dollar infrastructure needed just for startup? Or the multi billions if there is an accident? Will we be subsidizing these monstrous projects?

Anonymous said...

Diving in the nukepool is the world's largest shareholder, Vat-i-can. Small 'Change' from GE-lubed Obummers hideous ; "yes-we-can" ...

facts sheet

Anonymous said...

In the words of the late George Carlin,"...Fuck hope!"

Anonymous said...

If I remember correctly, 2-3 days after German government announced the abandonment to nuclear power Siemens announced their withdrawal from the nuclear power generation business.

Hitachi-GE, Toshiba-Westinghouse, Mitsubishi-Areva - doesn't take a genius to see what they have in common. Yes, a major Japanese industrial conglomerate in each of these partnerships. Japan has the world's third largest reactor fleet and is a MAJOR base of expertise. Japan is the only place in the world now that can forge steel reactor vessels. This is not just a domestic power policy matter. The rest of the world depends on Japan for their nuclear dreams. So when Kan said they are thinking about putting less emphasis on nuke, you can imagine a lot of powerful people making a few phone calls...

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