Monday, September 5, 2011

Kunihiko Takeda: "A Girl Doesn't Talk"

Professor Takeda of Chubu University has an unusual, short post on his blog for September 5. It's titled "A Girl Doesn't Talk..." and the following is my unauthorized, quick translation:

A girl doesn't talk...

She doesn't talk. With her clear eyes she looks at everything her mother does. At her side, a boy with bright eyes is excited with the train just passing by.

A middle-aged man shouts. Why can't I sell contaminated vegetables? I took great pains growing them. What about our livelihood?

The girl doesn't talk. She quietly eats her school lunch as it is served. Even if the vegetables are contaminated, she takes in the radioactive materials because she trusts adults.

The angry middle-aged man, with the help of the governor and the board of education, shipped the contaminated vegetables that were sold as foodstuff for the school lunches, and he made the living. The government and TEPCO pretended they didn't know, and the media was afraid to report.

The girl who didn't talk is now sick in bed. Who could have saved this girl who didn't talk?



おじさんは怒鳴る! 何で汚染された野菜を出していけないのか! こんなに苦労して作ったんだ! 我々の生活はどうでもよいのか!




Professor Takeda has his share of detractors and critics, but ever since March 11 he has consistently spoke against radiation exposure for children and adults and denounced the government (particularly Ministry of Education, Board of Education, and teachers), TEPCO and experts (particularly medical experts) for making light of the danger of radiation exposure. (See my post from May for his strong words to teachers.)


Anonymous said...

Takeda Sensie, Keep up the good work !

Anonymous said...

Prof. Takeda should be designated a National Treasure.

Over the past months his advice on food safety has been comprehensive and timely as it has reflected ongoing developments, always erring on the side of caution. And given the govt. and Tepco responses one would be mad not to minimise food chain risk if one now had the now dubious privilege of living in Japan.

Kudos to Dr. Takeda and equally to EX-SKF (even he doesn't have a PhD).

Greyhawk said...

I recently watched a docudrama about the Titanic. The CEO of White Star Lines was aboard and at first refused to believe the ship could sink. The officers of the ship did not tell the crew and passengers of the peril they were in until over an hour after she hit that iceberg. The Titanic sank in about 2 hours and 40 minutes. TEPCO and the government of Japan seem to be reluctant to recognize the peril to the people of Japan or to admit that the radiation is spreading all over the planet. I'm an American and must say there is damned little information being disseminated here as well. Is it just me or are there similarities here?

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Anonymous said...

oh my. that poor girl. thank you Prof. Takeda for some insightful commentary.

Richard said...

My wife, who is Japanese and her mother refuse to accept my request for my 7 yrs son to stop eating school lunches and take "o-bento". As only 2 other children in the whole year take a packed lunch he also feels uncomfortable with it.

Anonymous said...

Are you in Japan? You need to do more than request. You need to demand. Her social sensibilities are one thing, her life is another. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

keep explaining them and show them articles about the effects of contaminated foods on health. At some point in time they may realize that this is serious and you are not exagerating. Keep explaining how the food chain is contaminated. Another problem, who will make these bento? With food from Japan? even eating form Kyushu will not be good enough (but probably better than from Kanto). Doing all this could demand a lot of effort and your wife is maybe not telling you that she feels it is too much or not fair for her to do all this.
My wife understood quite quickly about the risks, her parents took more time but now understand. Keep at it and show them the articles and data and they will slowly realize the big japanese gouv. lie.

FigNewton said...

@ Richard. I can understand, but show your wife and son the documentary Chernobyl Heart - That should scare the shit out of them.

Many of my daughter's friends won't bring bento to school because they'd 'stick out'. Even now, when their schools 'allow' it. Luckily, my daughter doesn't care.

TEPCO, the government, and schools will not look out for our child's best interest. That's become obvious. It's our job. Maybe you can convince your son's good friends to also bring bento. Start a 'bento gang'. :)

Anonymous said...

@_Richard -- My sympathies. I had to use all of my marital points to be unwilling to let my daughter eat school lunch. My wife is not happy about it, but finally after meeting with the headmaster and nutritionist, we finally got permission. We start with the bento tomorrow (Canadian pork and veges from areas not hit.)

It has put a lot of strain on my wife, but on this one point I cannot allow myself to budge.

Some things cannot be compromised...

Anonymous said...

If possible, may be you and your family should consider leaving the country... The area is going to be affected for centuries. Sorry for saying these things. I wish you all health and happiness.

Anonymous said...

If a foreigner questions the safety of food in Japan the Japanese just figure that foreigner thinks they are superior to Japanese. Trust me - the Japanese are not listening.

In Gunma Prefecture

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