Friday, September 9, 2011

TEPCO Dumps 565-Page Report on Early Days of Crisis, Says No Re-Melting of Reactor 3 Fuel

"WTF?" seems to have been literally the reaction by both the journalists who regularly cover TEPCO and the officials at the regulatory agency Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency.

NISA nor any government agency asked for the report, but TEPCO apparently volunteered. The voluminous data is supposed to refute the claim by certain researchers that the melted fuel at the bottom of the RPV in Reactor 3 may have been re-melted on March 21 and went through the RPV and dropped on the floor of the Containment Vessel, releasing a huge amount of radioactive materials as evidenced by large spikes in air radiation throughout Tohoku and Kanto on that day.

According to TEPCO, there was no re-melt, because their data shows that the amount of water into Reactor 3 RPV was more than adequate, and the spikes in air radiation was simply because of the rain, and had nothing to do with what was happening in Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant.

The 565-page report also covers the other reactors.

I think I know what this is all about. It's TEPCO's defense and counterattack against the former Kan administration officials like Cabinet Secretary Edano and Prime Minister Kan himself, who, upon resigning, immediately started the media blitz to spread their versions of the event, painting themselves as selfless heroes worried for the humanity and TEPCO as the sole villain.

TEPCO's report on September 9 in Japanese:

The company promises it will upload the English translation as soon as it is done.

In the press conference on September 9, TEPCO released these charts as part of the evidence that there was no re-melt. TEPCO's translation is just as bad as the man who pointed finger at TEPCO livecam, but I hope the charts speak volume:


Anonymous said...

what about this ?
why now ? and how ?

Tks from France for excellent job !

Anonymous said...

So children in Fukushima, under 18, SHOULD NOT be exposed to the radiation! If its not safe for under 18 to work in a 20 msv a year job..what about children living in a 200msv world?

Anonymous said...

TEPCO's only fault is not providing the pristine data to the researchers earlier. TEPCO is proven correct & it is time for those who would fear-it to shrink away.

Anonymous said...

I thought TEPCO's only fault was operating a known inferior reactor design past it's prime in a earthquake tsunami zone?

Anonymous said...

Well, that's a pretty big fault...

Anonymous said...

"fear", "shrink away"? Who the fuck speaks like that? Anon @ 5:47 PM got a pretty bad dose of the anime I think, instead of school-taught English.

If I had the time, I would go through this new report with a fine toothed comb, see if it's new data or just a rehash of stuff they've already released.

Anyway. The rats are being outed. By other rats, which makes it all the funnier. Pass the popcorn please.

I really do wonder how they plan on explaining away this "report" ten years from now, when they open the RPVs and find little/no fuel.

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

@anon at 11:29PM, I am following a Japanese nuclear researcher on Twitter who may be doing exactly that, fine-combing. I will report back if I see anything interesting in his tweets.

I know what they will say 10 years from now. "想定外”, beyond expectation.

Atomfritz said...

Thank you for this excellent article and showing the revealing charts in it!

First chart:
Tepco's intent behind showing only the daily average cooling water supply appears clear.
They seem to try to hide the correlation of the incidents and the measurements related to them.

Second chart:
Shows why the sensors at the D/W and north of the administration building were "turned off" for some days until the Iodine concentration has fallen back to the levels before the big releases from 3/19 to 3/22.

Third chart:
Shows very well when some kind of cork popped out of the pressure vessel that was already leaky for some days.
The radiation excursion due to the big iodine and gaseous emissions that happened after this finally made them cutting off the measurements from the public.

Some of the measurement locations quietly were changed permanently after this because the newly-become hot spots they were placed at.

All these details look very suspect to me.

Possibly we need to wait for the truth until some other Tepco workers begin to talk about what really happened.

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