Tuesday, September 6, 2011

TEPCO to Stop Free Food at J-Village for Fukushima I Nuke Plant Workers

or so the tweet by the worker at the plant with big twitter followings says:


Oh by the way, like I tweeted some time ago, we're notified September 14 will be the last day of [free food] distribution at J-Village.

J-Village is the staging area for the plant workers. After September 14, TEPCO will make the workers pay for food, if what he tweeted is true.

TEPCO has been bleeding badly financially because of the nuclear accident. The Japanese government, now under the new administration whose approval rate is suspiciously high, continues to pretend it is a problem of a private business. TEPCO does not have a choice but to treat the accident as some maintenance job gone really very bad, and try to come up with a cost-effective patchwork.

And what does the government do (or say it will do)? Embark on the huge "decontamination" projects with government scientists and big corporations and heads of municipal governments that will probably waste billions.

And the Japanese people are still content to be governed.


Anonymous said...

There's always been something particularly disturbing about how these workers are treated. This example seems really petty. It's like sending people to war and charging them for bullets.

Anonymous said...

> And the Japanese people are still content to be governed.

This is what TRULY amazes me. How can the people of Japan sit back and allow the criminals to continue running the country.

If someone were to do something of this nature at their job, not only would they be fired but they would be imprisoned. Why should it be any different for the government?

Anonymous said...

"There's always been something particularly disturbing about how these workers are treated. "

TEPCO's built-in contempt disturbs you? /sarcasm

And the food they will buy will be radioactive 'cause TEPCO does not feel to make the effort to acquire non-radioactive. Insular to the point of alien.

Richard said...

> And the Japanese people are still content to be governed

They are gutless pussies, citizens of the land of the walking dead.

Couldn't have had such a worse country for a triple meltdown. Lying, corrupt, gutless, timid population will not fight to save the world from extinction.

One online 25 year old male Japanese has a Teddy bear for his avata - and he's not even gay. You need a bear, a lion as your avata, get the f* out there and fight, cos will lose your country, your life, your planet with you placid dicks.

I think the world needs to jump on this, I have done since day one. Soon, every person on this planet may have to throw themselves at Fukushima to try to drown it. If it's not stopped, there is a threshold where it will be unreachable and uncontrollable. Once crossed, the entire planet is doomed!

Anonymous said...

@Richard, exactly, gutless timid and in denial...sums up Japan basically... a criminally insane government with an amazing amount of leeway given to it by its people, the Japanese are as much to blame here... think not? well google Minamata mercury poisoning and read up on it ... then you will see parallels of why everyone is in denial of Fukushima... pathetic and sad people in Japan

Anonymous said...

About those workers, there's an apparently well-known Japanese fighter who managed to sneak near the plant recently, see this http://www.mmafighting.com/2011/09/04/enson-inoue-takes-covert-trip-to-fukushima-nuclear-power-plant/?ref=mostpopular

He says in particular "
Well those suits aren't working. They do nothing. If the meter on the outside of my suit was reading 19 micro seiverts or whatever, the one on the inside was reading around 17. The suits don't do jack s***. They aren't protecting those workers. I don't understand how those people are allowed to go in. They have a false sense of security."

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't call the people of Japan pathetic and sad. Most of them are kind, cooperative, and trusting. If everyone in the world was like this, it would be a much better place.

Unfortunately the cruel, greedy, and amoral have risen to power there, to the detriment of the people who are nice.

Anonymous said...

its funny, USA people criticize, yet they constantly abouse their enlisted soldiers, & these Fukushima workers are foot soldiers

Anonymous said...

Tyvek suits are only suitable for dust deposition, they have no stopping power for radiation. Disposed of after one use.

Anonymous said...

nowadays all nations and their governments are slaves of the one world government

Japanese, just like American government is not doing what is best for their people. They have to answer to their masters. So, do not be surprised as why the people are always treated like crap, be it in Japan, or in the U.S. or anywhere else.

Once people of the world begin to understand that, then, and only then will things start to change for better.
Only then will we have chance to start using suppressed energy that is clean, safe and that existed for many decades.
imagine the world without nuclear energy, coal or oil. such technology is already in existence but those with vested interests in dirty energy are having their hold on it.

Richard said...

Kind and cooperative are worthless in the face of Armageddon.

There was a time when it was appreciated. But that time has gone.

Anonymous said...

Well, why feed people who are going to die, free food? TEPCO has bonuses to save for, politicians to buy off, and news media to suppress....all of this is expensive!

Radiation is going to kill TEPCO workers, TEPCO shareholders, TEPCO families, TEPCO politicians, animals, birds, fish, on and on and on...."safe & clean" nuclear power?

Right, and I won't c*m in your mouth!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

> And the Japanese people are still content to be governed.

This is what TRULY amazes me. How can the people of Japan sit back and allow the criminals to continue running the country.

haha americanos?

well well how about your own country? banksters have gotten a stanglehold & you guys are still sitting around watching TV.

Richard said...

Not that it's justified, but at least banksters haven't actually lit this fuse of extermination of a planet.

Also, in this world there is not just Japan and 'mericans.

I'm down under and may not physically be affected by fuku. But politically and environmentally I am very deeply concern.

I'm vegetarian, stemmed from concern of how humans treat animals. It becomes a useless point tho when at least the entire northern hemisphere of flora and fauna may soon be devastated, extinct, all thanks to the modern wonders of nuclear power and feeble human inaction.

Good luck. I truly hope some miracle will happen, but since there is no god who might be able to stop this - W E A R E D O O M E D !

Anonymous said...

Americans (after WW2) has a hedgemoney on all things technological - they (General Electric) were the ones supplying all the nuke to Japan including maintenance expertise and design of the plants.

ask them

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Anonymous said...

Hahahaa , dood posting above, if you werent spamming I would agree...

Anonymous said...

This proves people are stupid animals that follow like sheep.
They deserve to die of radiation!
No intelligence
No dignity
No life

Die estupid sheeple!

Anonymous said...

We have no "government."It's ALL corporations.They rule over us.KILL ZOG.Set yourself free.

Anonymous said...

WE have no "government."It's ALL corporations.They rule over us and see us as slaves.Kill All of them.Kill ZOG.Set yourself FREE.

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