Saturday, September 10, 2011

OT: Radiation Contamination Perceived by Different Parties (Joke)

Radiation contamination maps of perception, created by people at the blog called "Bearded Pirates (あごひげ海賊団)" and posted on 9/8/2011, look pretty accurate for mapping the perception of contamination.

Contamination as perceived by people in Tohoku: Fukushima and part of neighboring prefectures. This is very close to what is being reported in the mainstream media, by the way.

Contamination as perceived by people in Kanto: almost entire Tohoku and northern Kanto.

Contamination as perceived by people in Hokkaido: almost entire Tohoku, Kanto, and Chubu. It stops right about Lake Biwa.

Contamination as perceived by people in Kansai: entire Kanto and Tohoku, half of Chubu, and 2/3 of Hokkaido.

Contamination as perceived by people in Okinawa: almost entire Japan except for Kyushu and part of Shikoku and Chugoku.

Contamination as perceived by people outside Japan: entire Japan

Contamination as perceived by Japanese politicians: area around Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant.

Contamination as perceived by people at TEPCO:


Anonymous said...


Shefi said...

Very clever, funny, and (in my case) accurate: I live in Kansai, and I will not purchase any food product from any of those areas in red (on the "kansai" map), with the exception of Hokkaido. (I was reprimanded on this very blog for including Hokkaido in the irradiated zone.)

These funny maps hide a tragic truth: much of the population will remain under these impressions for a long time. The actual objective facts about radiation levels are out there but they keep changing and most people won't do the work necessary to dig them out, join the dots, and keep up to date (me included). I think most people can't afford the time, and in addition there is the "fudge factor": some time after the fact, there will be an announcement from "up above" along the lines of, "Oops! The radiation in the sea is 3 times higher than we thought! (We've just found this old report from April that somehow got dropped behind the filing cabinet)"

So, to be on the safe side, I make a blanket judgment.

Anonymous said...

It's been for the first time in my life that geo maps made me laugh! (==Elena==)

Anonymous said...

Japan, and much of the world, is now uninhabitable.

Anonymous said...

Very good.
We as humans are creatures of perseption, and with that perseption we create our reality.

The problem with Nuclear fallout and radioactive exposure is the aparent invisbility and no smell or taste. This is the moust dangerous aspect of it all, the fact that this fallout is not visible in our perseption and therby its not real.
Its easy to make people belive that, jsut look out your window, huh, see nothing there.
Nobody expected people to dropp dead all over the place, it dont work that way.

This is going to have consequencess, its just the size of it thats lingering in the dark right now, and because of our inherent way of persiving the world, we fool our selfs to belive that perseption.


Anonymous said...

Funny... In a macabre way... I think a red map of the Northern Hemisphere might be in order.

Anonymous said...

Perception only creates a reality in the MIND of the one perceiving, not in the outside world.
Actions are the only way to create in the outside world from perception.

Anonymous said...

My vote is on the international map, all of Japan and beyond.

The dumping of highly radioactive water in the ocean guaranteed transport beyond wind patterns.

Greyhawk said...

I still feel like a passenger on the Titanic. "Hey, the water in only up to those ducks chests!"

Anonymous said...

Well the poison. is in our foor here in the united states...

Here is a thought...

Can you detect a 0 radiation level anywhere in japan...

Thus my conclusion.

Anonymous said...

EK-SKF, that is good

Anonymous said...

Dear blogger,

As of today, it seems Okinawa is not affected by the radiation from the air & surprising the food too (especially the beef contamination). Why is it so? Is it because Okinawa does not import food from mainland Japan or it has its own supply of food?

And also, is the seafood affected in Okinawa?


Gavin said...

The original blog post has gone. Some other sources for the images:

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