Tuesday, September 6, 2011

#Radioactive Chestnut from Fukushima, 2,040 Bq/Kg

The harvest season is starting, and one by one minor food items that most people can do without are being found with high levels of radioactive cesium.

We'll see soon enough if Professor Kosako's "chaos" in the harvest season occurs when they start harvesting the major crop - regular rice (not the early varieties) in Tohoku.

From Asahi Shinbun (9/6/2011):


Fukushima Prefecture announced on September 6 that 2,040 becquerels/kg of radioactive cesium was found from the chestnuts harvested at an orchard in Minami Soma City. The prefectural government requested the city and the wholesalers [of the city's chestnuts] to halt shipment voluntarily.


The prefectural government will conduct an emergency monitoring survey in 11 municipalities on September 7. Fukushima's chestnut harvest in 2009 was 267 tonnes, of which 77 tonnes were shipped outside the prefecture.

A "monitoring" survey means they will sample test.

The Fukushima prefectural government and the Minami Soma municipal government want the residents back in the city, with the promise that the government-led thorough decontamination will be carried out.


Anonymous said...

actually, the chestnut tree is an extremely important food chain tree & is rated as 5/5 for useful tree to plant. there is an opportunity for JP to plant American Chestnuts in alienation zones b/c ACs clean soil & have survived in Ameri industrial waste zones which kill chestnut blight.

Anonymous said...

Won't someone think of the squirrels!!

I wonder, will there be people picking up ginna fallen from trees in the parks this year and in the future? I know I would not!

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