Friday, December 9, 2011

"Baseless Rumors": Japanese Twitterers Do Not Believe Yoshida's Cancer is in the Esophagus

Partly because of distrust of anything that comes out of the mouth of any TEPCO/government person, but also because of a TEPCO video in which Yoshida appeared to explain to the viewers the then-current situation at Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant.

They think they see a bulge on the left side of his neck, and they think it is either thyroid or lymph node. Here's one of the threads captured at "Hanayu" blog.

Here's the screen capture of the video:

About the 70 millisievert radiation exposure that Yoshida allegedly had: It was April 30 that TEPCO finally announced the result of the internal radiation measurement of the plant workers using the whole body counter at J-Village, because the WBCs at Fuku-I coudn't be used because the background radiation was too high. Besides, the whole body counter cannot measure alpha and beta rays. (It only measures gamma rays.)

Also, he slept at the plant in the early days of the accident, and the radiation inside the building was particularly high back then, with radioactive materials thick in the air from the hydrogen explosions because the doors and windows didn't close well.

This tweet has a photograph of a thyroid cancer patient at the Organization of National Hospitals.


Anonymous said...

Well, cancer takes some years to develop even after very high doses of radiation. It either incapacitates you and you die the most horrible death after an onset period of several days/weeks or you have cancer in the future. I guess Yoshida-san could have gotten it from previous assignments in other plants.

Anonymous said...

With acute leukemia, swollen lymph nodes are very common..and it can occur with rapid onset under high radiation conditions. Wonder if a comparison with the young wrestler who is ill would show similar symptoms.

On the exposure levels..remember, some of the isotopes have shorter lives, do their damage..fade away leaving their terrible legacy.

Apolline said...

I agree with anon at 3:39. It's looks like more a lymph node than thyroid cancer.
But for this man, the result is same...
Let us hope he will be able to heal.

Anonymous said...

Well it is cancer, why should they lie if they say that he got cancer. Doesn't make a difference where he developed cancer. Cancer is not like a broken leg. And you can't proof whether it is from the radiation or not, but it s the most likely.
But swollen lymph nodes are very common with many diseases... you can't argue that way...!
It is sad, my best wishes to Yoshida!

Anonymous said...

this is a joke, they said the workers that died just for working @ WTC after 9/11 was coincidence & not compensated & Fukushima is a million times worse.

Anonymous said...

Given Yoshida san's age and workplace, it is likely that he gets a full body check annually (ningen-doc).

Suffice to say that he was alright last year.

Anonymous said...

"Given Yoshida san's age and workplace, it is likely that he gets a full body check annually (ningen-doc).

Suffice to say that he was alright last year."

And yet can only provide his super-dour face for the camera.
Next, he will deny his face is "super-dour".


Anonymous said...

Esophagus is unlikely. Much more likely that it is thyroid or lungs. He is much more likely to have gotten cancer from the radiation in his respiratory or circulatory systems rather than his digestive tract in this amount of time.

STeVe the JeW said...

ratchel dratch with the baby arm sticking out of her head is less obvious than this hack.

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