Thursday, December 8, 2011

Fukushima Residents Had Max 37 Millisieverts External Radiation in 4 Months

according to the analysis by the Fukushima prefectural government.

From Asahi Shinbun digital print version, partial (3:13AM JST 12/9/2011):


Regarding the amount of external radiation exposure suffered by the residents of Fukushima Prefecture as the result of the Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant accident, the analysis by the prefectural government has revealed that it is estimated that the amount is 37 millisieverts maximum with the average of over 1 millisievert for 1730 residents in 3 municipalities with high radiation levels including Iitate-mura. About half of the residents had over 1 millisievert external radiation exposure in 4 months. The annual radiation exposure limit [excluding the natural radiation] is 1 millisievert.


This is the first time the external radiation exposure of the residents [of Fukushima] is disclosed. The Fukushima prefectural government plans to publish the result of the analysis soon, and notify the residents by mail.

The prefecture and Fukushima Medical University (whose vice president is that Dr. "Damashita" Yamashita) sent out detailed questionnaires for the Fukushima residents to fill out. For the residents of the three municipalities - my guess is Iitate-mura, Namie-machi, and Minami Soma City - they did some testing of internal radiation exposure.

By no means this analysis is comprehensive, as Iitate-mura alone had 6,000 residents before the village was designated as "planned evacuation zone".


LMSchmitt said...

That extrapolates to 100 mSv/y. Twice the yearly maximal legal dose for adult workers in the nuclear industry in Germany. And the same as the maximal legal dose for these workers over 5 years.

Anonymous said...

It only extrapolates to that if you assume the value for 4 months to be constant. I would think the value would have been very high in the early days of the meltdown, and would be lower now, but I know my opinion is probably a minority opinion on this board. If you ask me, its probably encouraging news that out of 1730 residents of what is basically ground zero, the highest is 37 mSv, and half of the residents had less than 1 mSv.

Anonymous said...

1 mSv average... Not as bad as I expected. Not bad at all, actually. But where's the internal contamination data?

Maju said...

How do they know? It's not like people have been going around with a dosimeter for all this time. This is hence an estimate and, as such, surely very much whitewashed.

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

Remember, these numbers are the government's guesstimate from questionnaires. And remember this government's track record.

Anonymous said...

the article says: estimated based on detailed questionnaires of the people. that means they had to say where they have been during the explosion and what have they been doing in the 4 months and so on. this is nothing more than educated guessing. they can have had much higher expositions. this is one of the typical propaganda and cover-up studies. completely useless.

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

I think the upward revision of the amount of total radioactive materials released from the plant may be coming soon. If the Suppression Chambers of both Reactor 1 and 3 were broken by the explosions, an order or two magnitude higher radioactive materials across the board.

plastic_daruma said...

See also

Anonymous said...

i think we now know 70ms is when you start getting cancer

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