Thursday, December 8, 2011

NRC's Greg Jaczko To Visit Fukushima In Time For Declaration of Successful "Completion" of Step 2

of the TEPCO/Japanese government roadmap. Chairman Jaczko will be there to give blessings to the declaration of "cold shutdown" of the broken reactors at Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant.

The farce continues.

From NHK News (12/8/2011):


It has been disclosed that the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission chair Gregory Jaczko may visit Japan and tour Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant for the first time since the accident in mid December, when the Japanese government and TEPCO are scheduled to announce the achievement of "cold shutdown" whereby the temperatures of the reactors remain steadily below 100 degrees Celsius.


According to the sources, Chairman Jaczko is scheduled to visit Japan from December 18, around the time the Japanese government and TEPCO are set to announce that the "cold shutdown" has been achieved at Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant and that "Step 2" of the roadmap toward winding down the accident has been achieved.


During the visit, Chairman Jaczko will visit the plant for the first time since the accident to survey the current condition and speak with the plant people. He will also meet with high ranking officials of the government. The US NRC sent a team of experts to provide constant support after the March 11 disaster, and the chairman will discuss with the Japanese officials about the tasks beyond "Step 2", which includes more accurate assessment of the condition inside the reactor and the safe removal of remaining fuel, and see if the US could help Japan in some way.


It is said that the NRC wants to have more detailed information on the condition right after the accident started, and is likely ask Japan for more information disclosure.

Even after Fukushima, Chairman Jaczko seems to think there's no need to change anything in the US, as the event like Fukushima will be so rare.

I guess he hasn't heard of the chaos theory or a black swan event. Nor was he aware that a black swan event, or a fat-tail event, or five sigma event, did happen in 2008, bringing down the global financial system. Another five sigma is looming in Europe.

Or simply an old adage, "When it rains it pours."


Mauibrad said...

There cannot be any "cold shutdown" when the corium are no longer in containment. Jaczko should think twice about being a part of this charade. When one of these corium finishes melting through the cement foundations, hits water and explodes people will remember that Jaczko played along with the farce that these were in "cold shutdown."

Anonymous said...

They are planning up to 40 new nuclear plants in Europe in the next two decades, including subventions.,1518,802625,00.html

Of course, the EU just might fall apart next year, and I thought they had enough work keeping the old ones up-to-date, but that may or may not matter to nuke fans.

I had been planning to move back to Europe after leaving the US, but at this point other locations may be preferable.

Anonymous said...

*subventions - subsidies

Anonymous said...

Full shutdown farce continues, the corium is into the ground--otherwise why the frantic efforts at Reactors 3 and 4, and the filtering of the TEPCO and TBS/JNN webcam images. If there is nothing to hide, they would not need to "fix" the views..making it all but impossible to see the facility or any colors. The color of Fukushima is disaster...

Anonymous said...

"Jaczko should think twice about being a part of this charade.". He IS part of the charade since the beginning and he has no choice. He is a minion used to stage the lies and deceit.

For the Japanese sheeple, using this foreign "authority" carries a lot of credibility that Tepco lacks. It plays into the game of the government unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

NRC = Nuclear Rationalizing Criminals

pat said...

maybe he can be there for the hydrovolcanic explosion?

Anonymous said...

Or simply an old adage, "When it rains it pours."
You have it perfect again, very embarrassing for America, but on side note, he likes to wear very expensive designer suit & shoes & is very offended if he has to remove them. He basically danced all around Omaha (flooded NR) this summer in them

Stock said...

It is interesting how the financial markets and the real world appear to both be experiencing the Black Swans, and denial is everywhere.

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