Saturday, December 10, 2011

Visualizing Radiation in Red Dots

Tokyo Brown Tabby's latest translation/captioning project, in which Tabby translated three lines (getting lazy, eh?):

If radiation was visible, if radiation was red dots, this is how it would really look like.

This movie was played at the event on peace and radiation held at a high-school in Harlem, NY, on December 2, 2011.
For the overview of this event, please go to:

Drawings by Misato Yugi.
Misato Yugi's blog:

original video:

Misato Yugi is a super-hyper-positive artist whose "red dot" radiation drawings have become widely known in post-Fukushima Japan.

But the video is rather disturbing. I stopped when a small child is made to sit in front of the heap of red dots, and a fork and a knife materialize in her hands, with black figures towering over her. Just like Koriyama City schools and elsewhere, force-feeding children with food as long as the radioactive material density is below the provisional safety standard.


Anonymous said...

What a powerful and scary, yet beautiful piece of art. Thank you for sharing.

Apolline said...

No, Tokyo Brown Tabby is not lazy...

Another radioactive leak ?

thebestrader said...

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misato yugi said...

It is Misato Yugi.
Thank you for introducing it.
Fukushima knows the nuclear plant accident. Many schools are going to already do the supply of food safely.
However, I do not yet have Tokyo and other areas.
Many people fight against violence caused by the radioactivity.
If Japan can repair this mistake, we learn it from it and can fix the world.

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