Monday, December 5, 2011

TEPCO's Solution to Leaking Strontium-Contaminated Water: Sandbags

Actually, I don't know if there's anything else I could expect from a company that used bath salts as tracer and newspaper and sawdust to stop the water leak back in April.

The next task would be to mop up the water that's sitting inside the building for the evaporative condensation apparatus with diapers and make Packbots pick up the diapers after they soak up water with 100,000 becquerels/cubic centimeter of strontium.

As far as I know, this building for the apparatus was built recently. But the side of the concrete foundation has already cracked? Some workmanship.

Here are TEPCO's pictures of the leak, from "Photos for Press" on December 4 and 5:

Inside the facility:

Photos of the leaks:

Sandbags that stopped the leak:

Oh look! TEPCO is way ahead of me. Inside the sandbagged area, they have already put down what looks like sheets of water-absorbing polymer. In a very hasty, haphazard way. I guess you don't want to stay near 110 millisieverts/hour beta radiation very long.

(P.S. Ahhh nice to be having fast DSL again, even if I had to buy a new modem/router because the power surge after the power restoration killed the old ones.)


Anonymous said...

Slightly off topic, an article in the Melbourne Age about radiation refugees from Tokyo in Okinawa:

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

Thanks for the link. No, it's never too late, and that mother left Tokyo before the worst fallout that hit Tokyo (3/20-21). All they need to watch out now is whether nuke plants in Taiwan blow up...

Anonymous said...

Why are they using England flags to mop up the water?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Can you provide a link about the nuke issue in Taiwan? Thanks

Anonymous said...

I can´t find the (original) source about "strontium". Who can help?

Anonymous said...

Re: Strontium

The level of radioactive cesium had been reduced to 45 becquerels per cubic centimeter after the treatment. But the water is believed to have contained 130,000 becquerels per cubic centimeter of radioactive strontium.

Also covered at with more links

Anonymous said...

If they run out of sandbags, they could always borrow the ones used at Ft. Calhoun all summer.
New router!!!
Thank you

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the links. I will help to distribute the truth, as I can.

Thank you arevamirpal::laprimavera for your excellent job.

May be... the gods may help us?

Morgaine said...

I worked a refuelling outage at our local NPP, and we were required to go through days of education and orientation before starting work.

One caution stands out in my mind: "The term "sand-bags" should never be used in connection with a nuclear power plant."

REALLY? Sand-bags is the best technology Tepco has available at Fukushima to deal with radioactive coolant leaks? SAND-BAGS?

Tepco has not progressed past technology used by Neanderthals, and they are running NPPs?

God help us all.

Anonymous said...

Tepco should have used truckloads of Allison Wade's book instead of sandbags.

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