Thursday, December 8, 2011

Fukushima I Nuke Plant: TEPCO Defers Decision on Dumping Treated Water into the Ocean

TEPCO is smarter than you think.

By deferring the decision on what to do with the treated water at Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant, TEPCO will be able to dump it in the end anyway, when the storage tanks becomes full by March next year. Wait till the last minute, like it did with the first dumping of low-contamination water in April, and TEPCO can plead to the government that there is no other choice. The government will approve the dumping, with regrets, telling citizens that there is no other choice, and claim it will have obtained permission from countries that may be affected. The chief cabinet secretary will no doubt on hand to say there is no immediate effect on marine life, no immediate effect on human life, just like the previous cabinet secretary said.

Same old, same old.

From NHK Japanese (last update 4:50AM JST 12/9/2011):

処理水の海洋放出 判断先送り

TEPCO to defer the decision on release of treated water into the ocean


TEPCO has been considering the release of water treated to remove radioactive materials at Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant into the ocean, after further treating it to reduce the remaining radioactive materials. However, faced with the protest from the fisheries cooperative associations, the company has deferred the decision on whether to release the water or not.


At Fukushima I Nuke Plant, the contaminated water in the reactor/turbine building basements are treated and recycled to cool the reactors. However, groundwater has been leaking inside the building, creating more contaminated water than initially anticipated. According to TEPCO, it is difficult to stop the inflow of groundwater, and there is much excess water even after recycling. By March next year, the storage tanks with total 160,000 tonnes capacity may become full, the company says.


TEPCO has been considering the release of the water after treating further to reduce the remaining radioactive materials to drop the density of radioactive materials below the national standard. The plan was to be included in the operational plan of the plant for the next 3 years which was submitted to the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency on December 8 evening.


However, due to the protest from the national federation of fisheries cooperative associations demanding the company not to release the water into the ocean, TEPCO didn't include the issue of the treated water in the operational plan, and deferred the decision on the release of the water into the ocean.


TEPCO's spokesman Junichi Matsumoto says, "We couldn't decide on what to do with the treated water. We should make a decision soon, but we will consider various opinions carefully."

400 tonnes of groundwater is flowing into the building basements per day. 12,000 tonnes per month. 144,000 tonnes per year.

I have a better idea than dumping the treated water into the Pacific Ocean. Bottle it and sell the bottles, naming it, say "Fukushima Pure" or something. It should be a smashing success with people who are eager to obtain radiation hormesis effect. Lifetime supplies to Doctors Rockwell and Allison, Guardian's Monbiot who came to love nuclear power because of the Fukushima accident. Minister of the Environment Hosono and his sidekick Sonoda can have them too.

100 million becquerels per liter of radioactive strontium and plenty of tritium. Mmmm.


Nancy said...

Do they not realize the rest of the world may have issue with this? Then again the US is in a state of utter denial that Fukushima even exists. I am sure that bottled water would go good with all the contaminated Pacific fish. :-(

rtega said...

Nancy, in the Japanese mindset the rest of the world is not relevant. What matters is how Japanese think about it. Obviously, not much is being thought about it.

Anonymous said...

Monbiot is just a blooming idiot!. I do not understand why anyone would hear what he says. A completely ignorant(on purpose) person being bought by the ptb to say his Disinfo mostly to British ignorant fools!.
He said 42 people died in Chernobyl, so I hope the million plus dead souls will hound his mind till it bursts!. And someone gets to video it!.

Anonymous said...

only dump the most radioactive water into ocean

Anonymous said...

Looks to be time to end consumption of sea fish, with these behaviors, especially near ports that see sub visits,

".. the navy routinely dumps overboard highly radioactive resins, which act as filters for the reactor coolant. These filters - which have the consistency of caviar - are called ion exchange resins, and are the source of accidental contaminations.

Bill Clymer remembers submarines coming to port covered with the resin beads. "Somebody would screw-up," he says, "and the wind would blow them back on the ship. They were the equivalent of a black, gunky oil filter from your car, but just loaded with radioactive crud." "

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