Saturday, March 12, 2011

Fukushima I Nuclear Plant: Chief Cabinet Secretary Lets Out the Truth As He Sees Fit

A bit of info I found in an article at Asahi Shinbun (5:30AM, 3/13/2011):

Chief Cabinet Secretary Edano said in his 1st press conference on 3/12 (at 5:45PM, see my previous post) that he didn't really know (or he couldn't tell publicly) whether the fuel core container was damaged or not. After repeatedly questioned, he basically said "all in good time" (my word, not his), when the government had all the information and had thoroughly analyzed the situation.

So the container may have been damaged, and he was going to tell the Japanese and the rest of the world. At the time of this 1st conference, the emergency messages to the residents near Fukushima I Plant were still "there was no explosion" but "don't go outside, just to be safe". (See my previous post.)

The Japanese government's response, exemplified by Mr. Edano, is benignly interpreted as an effort not to cause panic among the populace. But

In his 2nd press conference 2 hours later, he did say the container was intact.


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