Tuesday, March 8, 2011

#Yemen Security Forces Open Fire on Protesters

While the world is fixated on #Libya, people have been protesting against the corrupt regime of the long-time US ally President Ali Abdullah Saleh. It turned violent again today as the Yemeni security forces opened fire on the protesters, injuring dozens in Sanaa, the capital of Yemen.

Christian Science Monitor reports (3/8/2011):

Sanaa, Yemen

As Yemen's increasingly broad protest movement sought to expand their presence in the capital tonight, the protests turned violent for the first time in weeks – underscoring the volatility of the Arab world's poorest country.

At least 10 were injured by gunfire in front of Sanaa University, according to medical workers on the scene, and dozens more were injured in clashes with security forces as the protesters sought to make space for more tents near one of the security lines. The gunfire came from both uniformed security forces and individuals in civilian clothes, witnesses said.

“I was sitting with other demonstrators when they started firing shots at the crowd," said Saleh Al Hashmy, who was bandaged and bleeding from the head outside of a nearby mosque that had been turned into a makeshift hospital. "We all got up to run and the police beat us with sticks and fired tear gas."

The skirmishes marked the first violence since Feb. 24, when President Ali Abdullah Saleh ordered police to protect protesters. But tensions have been mounting in recent days, as Mr. Saleh rejected an offer from the opposition to come up with an exit strategy – but not actually step down – by year's end.

Since Yemen is not a major oil exporter like Libya, the West do not pay attention. Sad truth.

Yemen has a very fascinating architecture. I would love to visit and see for myself when the protesters prevail and peace finally comes to the country.


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