Tuesday, March 8, 2011

(#Libya Update) Gaddafi Speaks on TV at 4 AM


Al Jazeera and various tweets:


Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi appears on state television, saying that "misguided and mad groups" are responsible for the continued violence in the country.

Is he admitting that he and his group is responsible, then?

He also repeats it's Al-Qaeda. Hey just like the US government officials ever since 2001!

Meanwhile, things look grim on the ground in Libya:

Live Phone Call: "In Ras , I'm sure there will be a large battle and an extraordinary number of people will die."

On the other hand, I heard it on BBC News how a newsman in Benghazi is so proud and full of hope after 42 years of Gaddafi that he can now go on air for the first time without censorship, without script, free to say what he wants to say. He said his people will never go back, even if they [the Gaddafis] kill them all.

I heard Tunisians say that; then Egyptians said the same thing.

I am profoundly inspired by these people. They have stopped being afraid. First it was Tunisians, then Egyptians. Now Libyans. They are not afraid any more. What a wonderful feeling it must be.


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