Monday, March 7, 2011

(#Libya) More on Botched Dutch Rescue - I Smell NATO

The two who were rescued may not be the "embassy" personnel at all - one is a Dutch man, the other a Swedish woman.

Of the three Dutch Marines who have been caught, at least one of them is a woman.

This AOL News article has the video footage:

Sure, women should be in the combat, or the rescue mission in a hostile country which may be particularly hostile to women. Equal opportunity, right?

Unfortunately men and women are not created equal. Women, at least majority of them, do not have the same physical strength of men because they are simply anatomically different - cannot carry heavy loads as much, cannot run as fast.

Aside from the politically correct Marines of the Netherlands, do you think the Dutch prime minister in the video is telling the truth when he quickly assures, yes of course it was on our government's order that the Marines went in?

I think he is lying. He probably didn't even know about the mission. Just my guess, no basis.


Anonymous said...

Erm, I got news for you. There are no women in the Dutch Marine Corps. That said they could very well be, as strength does not make a special forces person good. It is his training, wits, toughness and with the marines it also is that you are a part of the very tight knit group.

As you said the majority of women can't compete, but I have news for you.. THE MAJORITY OF MEN CAN'T EITHER! It is very stressing on the mind to go through the training of the Dutch Marine Corps.

But since the Marines do not have female members in the Netherlands she probably was the pilot as the NAVY does enlist women. The pilot usually is not a Marine as the Helicopters they fly are,at that time , a part of the ship they serve on.

In fact from what I read about the incident, NONE where Marines, but all where members of the crew of the Frigate "Her Majesty's Tromp". Then they probably where a rescue team that usually saves people out of water or do recon. This is consistent with the number of 3 soldiers. As usually Marines doing an operation will have more then 3 on that operation. Their strength lies in working together as a group, wherever and whenever they are needed.

Again, what I say here is nothing detremental to women enlisted everywhere on the world. They do a fine job and I do agree they can join the special forces. Noteable examples are how well they fought in the Soviet Union during the Invasion by Germany in the Second World War. Some of the best Snipers where women in that battlefield.

But I more write this to have a "fact check" on this article which is certainly missing a few sources and facts.

Sources: (*"Only men are allowed to serve as marines but many female navy personnel are attached to marine corps units as cooks, administrators, nurses or medical officers.")

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