Thursday, March 10, 2011

(#Libya) What's Stopping Us From ....?

Doing the citizen-level military intervention?

(Image from Al Jazeera Libya Blog 3/10/2011)

By "us", I am talking about "the rest of us" outside the national governments. Private citizens of the world who want the Libyan opposition forces to win over Gaddafi's forces.

What's stopping us from chipping in and having someone, some entity, arrange to purchase Stinger missiles and anti-tank missiles and deliver them to the Libyans fighting against Gaddafi? Maybe we could find cheap Chinese or Russian knockoffs...

Instead of signing petitions calling for the UN or NATO or the US and its allies to impose a no-fly zone, when a no-fly zone implemented by such an international coalition in the past was an abysmal failure, couldn't we donate whatever money we feel like it and buy ammo and missiles and give them to Libyans so they can fight?

We could deliver them relatively safely and quite effectively by scattering them from an airplane, instead of sending them in a convoy overland, which might attract attacks from Gaddafi's forces.

Gaddafi's air force can only effectively destroy clusters of buildings - city centers, oil refinery complexes. But to use his Migs and Mirages to pick out the opposition fighters scattered on the vast expanse of Libyan desert? Opposition fighters can take them out with Stingers.

We could even pitch in to hire "mercenaries" for the opposition. The US has fine outfits like Blackwater.

About the only thing that the national governments should do, I think, is what France did: establish formal diplomatic ties with the opposition council.

That's my thought, or fantasy, as an arm-chair strategist who has never fired a gun...


ColoradoGuy said...

It's the same thing that is stopping the majority of the sheep from even paying any attention to what is going on over there. We have our freedom and most take it for granted. They don't really understand that not every person on the planet is able to do what they want, when they want to the extent that we are able to. We may not be completely free, but we are definitely more free than most people on this planet. I'm all for a global reset where everyone starts over as equals. There is no reasonable justification at all why we should be living the "good life" when it comes with the price tag of tyranny and oppression against others who are forced to live on less than the bare minimums and never have their voices heard. It's changing. Slowly but surely, it is changing.

Keep up the good posts, I'm enjoying following your blog.

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

What's also interesting to me about Libya is that more Americans are angry at Gaddafi attacking Libyans than Americans angry at daylight robbery and destruction that Wall Street has been committing in the last 3 years right here in America. Americans continue to be robbed today by the zombie banks and the bank of banks (the Fed), sanctioned by the government, and they continue to buy the official line "the economy is improving, things are looking up".

Anywhooo.. That'll be another post.. Thank you, Justin, for your comment and following my blog.

Unknown said...

when a no-fly zone implemented by how to stop spam such an international coalition in the past was an abysmal failure, couldn't we donate whatever money we feel like it and buy ammo and missiles and give them to Libyans so they can fight.

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