Friday, March 11, 2011

(#Japan #Earthquake) Death Toll Rising, Now At Least Several Hundred

According to Yomiuri Shinbun (in Japanese).

According to the article:

  • Strong aftershocks continue.

  • In prefectures in northern Japan (Iwate, Fukushima), there are cities and towns that were completely wiped out or flattened by the earthquake and tsunami.

  • Death toll is now at least several hundred.

  • Tsunami went 2km inland in Sendai. 200-300 bodies found in Wakabayashi district of Sendai City were drowned to death.

  • In coastal cities in Iwate prefecture, hundreds of houses were swept away and destroyed by tsunami.

  • 2000 people living near the Fukushima nuclear reactor are ordered to evacuate.

  • Landslide in Fukushima, people are buried alive.

  • A huge fire broke out in Kesen-numa City in Miyagi right after the quake.

  • Oil refineries in Miyagi, Ibaragi, Chiba caught on fire, tanks exploded.

  • In a police headquarter building in Miyagi, the sea water reached the 3rd floor.


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