Saturday, March 12, 2011

#Japan #Earthquake: Food Is Running Out at Sendai Airport for 1,400 People

(translation from Yomiuri Shinbun, 9:00PM, 3/12/2011; original in Japanese; emphasis added)

About 1,400 people (700 passengers, 300 airport/airline workers, and 400 residents nearby who fled to the airport after the earthquake) have been taking shelter at the Sendai Airport since the earthquake struck on March 11. All the clocks at the airport stopped at 4:00PM, the time that tsunami hit the airport.

They stay on the 2nd floor, as the 1st floor was flooded. There is no electricity, and there's a long line of people in front of the counter that has a battery recharger for the cellphones.

Airport shops offer food and medicine for free, and airport workers help passengers and residents as best they can. But the temperature drops to sub-zero (Celsius) at night, and there's no heat. The food is running out, and Mr. Junichi Ishimori, director of the airport building, is afraid they will completely run out of food in a day [that's March 13..]. They are waiting for the relief effort to reach them soon.

In a different article, I read that at the emergency shelter near Fukushima I Nuclear Plant, the evacuees had to share one riceball (onigiri) between two people, and that was their lunch.



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