Monday, July 18, 2011

#Radioactive Beef Exceeding Safety Limit Sold in 18 Prefectures

Of 648 meat cows (as of July 18, and counting) that were fed the radioactive rice hay, some are found to contain radioactive cesium far exceeding the provisional safety limit of 500 becquerels/kg.

Yomiuri Shinbun (7/19/2011) reports:


Yomiuri Shinbun's survey has revealed that radioactive cesium exceeding the provisional safety limit (500 becquerels/kg) has been detected from the beef sold in 18 Prefectures. The beef came from the meat cows suspected of having been fed with the rice hay contaminated with high level of radioactive cesium.


The 18 Prefectures are: Aomori, Yamagata, Fukushima, Tochigi, Saitama, Yamanashi, Tokyo, Kanagawa, Shizuoka, Toyama, Gifu, Mie, Osaka, Hyogo, Tokushima, Kagawa, Ehime, and Kochi.


In Osaka where 2 meat cows were sold that had eaten radioactive rice hay, 4,350 becquerels/kg of cesium was detected from the meat from one of the cows. The meat was stored at a wholesaler in Osaka City.


Some of the meat that exceeded the safety limit has already been sold to customers. In Kochi City (in Kochi Prefecture), maximum 2,710 becquerels/kg of cesium was detected from the 3 meat packs stored in home freezers.


Anonymous said...

What drives me mad about this is the fact that this straw was most likely harvest LAST year. This means it picked up radiation, as high as 500,000 Bq/kg, just by sitting outside during the crisis. The government's response? 'Test rice straw'. This is downright negligent, as anything grown in the area in which the straw was contaminated is also likely to be 6x more contaminated due to bioaccumulation. There is NO STRATEGY to deal with the unfolding food crisis, just piecemeal 'random' testing 'voluntary' restrictions. The Japanese government is fiddling while the food supply burns.

Anonymous said...

what about the oignons? the brocolies, etc..., etc..., etc... they absorb high levels of radionuclides.
Is the obsession about meat hidding a much bigger problem? Talking only about meat, we only think about meat.
Their is something worst burning behing the smoke. This meat talk creates a curten that we need to look for what is hidding behind.

Bob said...

This might help clear the confusion up and rid us of the delusion..

selfsovereign said...

It may be safest to just assume all food is contaminated. You can't stop eating , so start injesting - BENTONITE. Bentonite clay absorbs radiation before your body can. After chernobyl contaminated europes grazing pastures, 10% of sheep feed was replaced with moistened bentonite. Side effect is increased thirst. Very inexpensive - $8.00 for 50 pounds (100kg?) here in united states. We love this website!

Anonymous said...

Looks like the radioactive beef was sold to consumers in most of Japan:

Anonymous said...

And before going for the bentonite, you'd want to be sure of the source, history of industry in the area of the clay source, weather patterns in that area.

Clay is liable to absorb a large number of things.

Masher1 said...

As i have said before This event is an operational test to see the real effects of PLUTONIUM going into HUMANS from a intentionally endangered reactor in a large population area.

Hiroshima.... Was another.
Nagasaki... Also.
Chernobyl ... These dudes are nailing down the real dangers of ionizing radiation to our planet and ecology.

Anyone want to guess WHY??

Thinking down that road is a scary process.

Try this... Think about what a 2000 Lb Mk84 Aircraft Bomb would do to a OPERATIONAL reactor.

Or think about the various plans with titles like "Civil nuke plants as military targets"

I bet the military would REALLY want to have the effects chart from this new event for future plans.

Sooner or later WE will have to defend ourselves from the deranged nuclear poisoners and the men paving the way for their plans to come about at OUR lives expense.

Or ya could just keep your head in the radioactive sand and wait for the end.

Choice is NOT optional on this issue... Defend Every life or loose them all.

Sad days are all around you.... Get with it.

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