Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Another Decon Worker Dies in Hirono-Machi, Fukushima in a Government Decon Project

No effect of radiation at all, says the government agency in charge of "decontaminating" the former "planned evacuation zone" in which Hirono-machi is located, between 20 and 30 kilometer radius from Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant.

The 59-year-old worker from Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture started to work in the decon project in December, and his cumulative radiation exposure until January 16, 2012 was 102 microsieverts.

Decontamination work in Hirono-machi officially started in mid December. The annual radiation exposure limit for decontamination workers is 50 millisieverts under the new law on decontamination effective as of January 1, 2012.

Ms. Emiko Numauchi of Minami Soma City, Fukushima, aka "Numayu", has commented in her blog that she sees and hears about people living in the temporary housing after the earthquake/tsunami/nuke accident in cities and towns in Fukushima being recruited for the decontamination work, as there aren't many jobs available for the displaced people. I suspect this 59-year-old worker from Iwaki City may be one of those people.

From Sankei Shinbun (1/17/2012):


The Japan Atomic Energy Agency announced on January 17 that a 59-year-old worker from Iwaki City, Fukushima collapsed during the decontamination model work being carried out in Hirono-machi and died at the hospital. The cause of death is under examination.


According to the JAEA, the worker was scraping the surface soil with 6 other workers in Shimokitaba District of Hirono-machi since 9AM on January 17. He was found collapsed, snoring heavily, by the co-worker at 11:50AM.


The worker had been doing the decontamination work in Hirono-machi since December last year. His cumulative radiation exposure till January 16, 2012 was 102 microsieverts, and there was no declaration from the worker of any existing illness, says JAEA.

From Jiji Tsushin (1/17/2011):


The Japan Atomic Energy Agency Fukushima Headquarters announced on January 17 that a worker, age 59, died during work that day. According to the Agency, the possibility is extremely low that the radiation exposure played a role in any way. It is the 2nd death in the decontamination work operated by the Agency.

A worker died in the decon work in Date City in December last year. The death had "nothing to do with radiation", because he died in a car during the lunch break. This second worker may have collapsed during the decon work, but he died at the hospital. Therefore, the death has "nothing to do with radiation".

That's the "Newspeak" a la the Japanese government and TEPCO. You would have to die on the spot. But then, as TEPCO did for the worker at Fukushima I Nuke Plant who clearly died at the plant on January 12, you would still get transported to the hospital, only to be pronounced dead on arrival; technically you still die at the hospital, not at Fuku I, so radiation has nothing to do with it...


Anonymous said...

That's like saying I got pissed off by something I'd read on ex-SKF but because I boiled over while away from my computer it wasn't the subject material I'd read here that angered me.

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

ad infinitum.

Anonymous said...


From the Japanese constitution:

Article 17:
Every person may sue for redress as provided by law from the State or a public entity, in case he has suffered damage through illegal act of any public official.

If any official at Tepco knew that a worker died of radiation and committed perjury by stating otherwise, wouldn't that be an illegal act that contributed to a death? Wouldn't Tepco be an accomplice to murder?

Anonymous said...

Remember what happened to the worker who received 13 Sieverts during the Tokaimura incident...he was kept alive for 88 days...he lost all of his skin (and more) after a few weeks, but was kept alive. Mustn't have a death from radiation, you know.

Anonymous said...

Little Canary...
( By the way my last comment was gone from your blog, I doubt that la Primavera deleted it? )

When Media-Government announce one death multiply that for 10, then roughly there area another 9 deaths non informed to the public.

Same for evacuation radius zone, they said 20 km but time has shown that even 200km ( 20km X 10 times ) is a bit small for this "accident" scale.

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

@Little Canary, it was Google, but I couldn't find your name in the SPAM comments. Care to repost?

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I will

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