Wednesday, January 18, 2012

TEPCO's Endoscopic Probe of Reactor 2 CV: Mockup Was Done on Novmeber 30, 2011

The picture was released on January 18, 2012. They did the mockup using Reactor 5, and the photo is that of inside the Reactor 5 Containment Vessel.

From TEPCO's handout for the press (1/18/2012), Japanese only for now. The photo on the right side is what you would expect to see in Reactor 2's Containment Vessel. Not.

"Colonoscopy" of Reactor 2's CV using the endoscope from Olympus will be on January 19 in Japan. I don't know the time, and TEPCO is not saying.


Anonymous said...

I think tepco should pour some mercury (Hg) into their broken BWRs. It turns into lead (Pb) when it captures neutrons. $130/kg. Boils at higher temp than water. Whatdo you think?

Anonymous said...

I think you're stupid. Mercury is highly toxic and evaporates a lot even at room temperature. Plus, there aren't THAT many neutrons now.

Anonymous said...

Major problem being the 10 tons H2O going ... somewhere

Anonymous said...

Photo of Reactor 5..with all the high quality tech of rather rough. Anyone seen recent photos of R5 and R6? OR Fukushima Daini reactors. Since the endoscopy is done on NW of Reactor 2, sea side is where there is probably activity. Anytime photos are provided which are poor has to wonder. Like the TEPCO TBS/JNN video feeds that have white blobs over any areas of concern and the "floating crane" where Reactor 1 is covered with greyed out pixels to cover the flashes associated with a "blue blob seen nightly. Its tragic and a coverup.

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