Monday, January 16, 2012

#Fukushima I Nuke Plant Trenches Are Full of Contaminated Water, TEPCO Is Finding Out 10 Months After the Accident

Remember the "puddle" of highly contaminated water in a trench discovered in Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant right after Prime Minister Noda declared a "cold shutdown state" to the derision of the world in December?

Without the press reporting on it further, TEPCO has been checking the trenches at the plant, and finding that the contaminated water is "puddled" just about every trench that they look.

Here's the latest update on trench water from TEPCO (1/16/2012). Note the unit of measurement. It is "becquerels per cubic centimeter". Also note that TEPCO is not saying how many tonnes of water there may be. They are "under evaluation".


Anonymous said...

Very interesting data.

Lets pick two trenches:
1. 'DG connecting duct of Unit 2-4' has about 4500 Bq/l of Cs and a surface dose rate of 9.0 uSv/h

2. 'Unit 3 cable duct for start-up transformer' has about 11800 Bq/l of Cs and a surface dose rate of 1.6 uSv/h.

Lets assume they are both similarly filled with water as all the other trenches where we already saw some pictures some time ago.

If we compare the values:
Trench 1: 4500 Bq/l give 9.0 uSv/h
Trench 2: 11800 Bq/l give 1.6 uSv/h

How is it possible that the ~2.5 times increase in Cs result in a ~5.5 times reduction of the surface dose rate?

Possibility 1: The majority of the surface dose rate originates from surrounding contamination on the soul or the concrete.

Possibility 2: The water in trench 1 is highly contaminated with other radionuclides like Strontium, Uranium, Plutonium, .... !!!

I personally think possibility 2 is more likely. So a good journalist should actually ask Matsumoto about the concentration of the other radionuclides in that water.

Thanks for your continued hard work Arevamirpal!

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