Wednesday, January 18, 2012

#Fukushima I Nuke Plant Reactor 2 CV Endoscopy Is Done

(UPDATE: Photos inside the CV just released. See my post.)


At TEPCO's morning press conference on January 19, 2012, TEPCO's Matsumoto said that the endoscope was successfully inserted through the hole created on January 17 on the Reactor 2 Containment Vessel and the survey of the interior was done.

The work started at 9AM, and was done at 10:10AM. More details of the survey will be disclosed at the evening press conference at 6:00PM.

TEPCO thinks it is a partial meltdown in Reactor 2, and there is water up to 5 meter from the bottom of the Containment Vessel.

If you understand Japanese, you can view TEPCO's press conference live at TEPCO's site, here.

The morning press conference starts at 11:00AM JST, and the evening press conference starts at 6:00PM JST. (Even if you understand Japanese, you may find it incomprehensible.)

There's no information from TEPCO about the radiation level at the location that the workers had to work, other than the company expects the radiation exposure level for the workers would be 3 millisieverts.

10 groups of workers (if the Jan 19 crew is the same size as the Jan 17 crew), 1 hour 10 minutes job, and 3 millisieverts expected exposure would indicate one group would spend 7 minutes at the site to get 3 millisieverts radiation, and the radiation level at the site would be about 25.71 millisieverts/hour.

Not bad, compared to other reactors that has locations whose radiation is one to two digits higher.


Anonymous said...

Wonder if they will show andy video of an intact corium? Kind of doubt it.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how much partial meltdown. 5%? 99%?

Chibaguy said...

My understanding is that #2 exploded like a dud firecracker on the 21st. I suspect the levels are lower at this because the reactor vents allowed it to explode like a dud and sent radioruclides to Kashiwa and Tokyo.

STeVe the JeW said...

what a contrast between the three most public meltdowns in the history of "commercial" nuclear power:

-- TMI: operators have zero clue what is going on during initial stages of accident. reactor is turning to rubble and comes within 30-90 minutes of full meltdown. operators stare at dials entire time. pure happenstance averts disaster and subsequent efforts to alleviate situation repeatedly push situation to brink of disaster. carter shows up.

-- Chernobyl: obvious full scale disaster from the start. immediate onsite/local attempts to coverup severity. gorbachev hears from the swedes(?) about a potentially serious nuclear problem. gorbachev does the right thing and calls in the army.

-- Fukushima: one long slow clusterfuck and no one really seems to care, especially the usa.

Anonymous said...

Conference just ended. I think one of the independent journalists (did he say he as from Nico Nico Douga?) just asked the TEPCO spokesperson to make the entire unedited endoscope footage available. He even offered a USB harddrive when the spokesperson prevaricated. 30 minutes of those fuzzy frames will certainly give the internet analysts something to chew on if TEPCO come through with the whole movie.

Anonymous said...

"-- Fukushima: one long slow clusterfuck and no one really seems to care, especially the usa."

The usa and its "federal family" want you to know they care, 'their way', that is.
As per that NRC memo on enenews recently,

'Their way' also involves coordinating thru the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations.
"INPO appears to be lead in coordinating for US nuc industry "

INPO is not answerable to the public.
Therefore, determining who the 'their' is in 'their way' is not resolvable, as designed.

Questions ?

robertb said...

Fuck this industry. These ppl make me sick

madhavi said...

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