Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Just In: Voltage Dropped in Wide Area in Fukushima, Some Systems at Fukushima I and II Nuke Plants Stopped

(UPDATE: The systems are getting back online.)


It happened around 4:10PM on January 17, 2012.

The systems that are working at Fukushima I:

  • Cooling systems for Reactors 1, 2 and 3

  • SARRY (cesium absorption system by Toshiba)

  • Monitoring posts

What's not working at Fukushima I:

  • Spent fuel pool cooling systems for Reactors 2, 3, 6

  • Gas management system for Reactor 2

  • Kurion

  • Nitrogen injection system (since restarted)

Press conference is ongoing (it started at 6PM on January 17), but TEPCO's Matsumoto is showing a video of Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Power Plant's emergency response training. (WTF?)

Now Q&A:

TEPCO's switching station in Minami Iwaki had a problem that caused the voltage to drop momentarily. They turned the switch off for a few milliseconds to clear the system.

TEPCO doesn't know what caused the problem at the switching station.

The systems are getting back online. Kurion is still stopped. None of the systems needs to be continuously operated.

(There is absolutely no urgency in either question or answer, so I think everything is dandy now. I'm signing off.)


farfromhome said...

Wow. Wonder what the outcome will be of this? What really caused it?

Thanks for your ongoing reporting and updating! You cannot imagine how grateful us English speakers here in Japan are for this blog. It is very difficult to get accurate and up to date information. The information you provide often never surfaces here or if it does is several days later.


no6ody said...

Seconding what 'farfromhome' said!

Of course, knowing T3Pco's track record, AREVAMIRPAL::LAPRIMAVERA will find out some of what really happened in a couple weeks, then a little more in a few more weeks, and so forth. Welcome back, my friends, to the show that never ends...

Anonymous said...

The cooling systems stopped for a time that Tepco will not release accurate information about the loss of cooling system function.

If there had been another earthquake during the outage there could have been another overheating of reactors and a very large explosion.

Fukushima would have been a memory and no one would have even gotten a single warning.

Anonymous said...

"None of the systems needs to be continuously operated."

Anonymous said...

All THREE quakes that just occurred near Fukushima were at a depth of less than 10 kilometers...that's not an earthquake- those were explosions...

robertb said...

Reactors and fuel pools need to be constantly cooled. I'm sure there were no problems. Especially when the cooling systems failed. Im sure there probably no explosions or boil offs of water in the fuel pools. Sorry for the sarcasm. I can't stand the bs.

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