Tuesday, January 17, 2012

CBS News: Decontamination Work in Minami Soma

This "decontamination" is just plain lunacy.

CBS News with Scott Pelley, January 16, 2012:


Anonymous said...

"Many families say they will never come back".
Dear Lucy Craft,
What about the families that are stuck there?
No footage of all the bags being buried on the playground?
Pictures of the fly-ash being dumped in Tokyo Bay?
Decontamination...all done in 2:49
That was quicker than the "cold shutdown"

Chibaguy said...

If I was Lucy Craft's supervisor I would resign. How can you report on something in which you do not understand? Someone told her what uSv/hr means and she used it as "amount of radiation in the air."

I think the American public will be even dumber if they saw this. All we have to do is cut trees, scrub everything and put soil into bags. Finished, safe to live!

Just imagine that you live in a nuclear fallout and do the same things. What do you do with all of the radionuclides that you have cut, scrubbed and shovelled up? Where does it go? Has the half-life been reduced?

As you said "lunacy!" Why do they need someone directing traffic when there is no traffic. Are they going to Costco?

Anonymous said...

You can see the workers spend a lot of their time convincing themselves they are going to survive their conditions.

I truly wish them luck.

robertb said...


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